Steve-O is terrified that he is going to have to see his former co-star on Jackass, Bam Margera, pass away right in front of his eyes. In a heartfelt post on Instagram, Steve-O pleaded with a buddy to give up drug use and “choose rehabilitation” rather than continue abusing substances. Over the years, Margera’s battle with substance abuse, including alcoholism and drug addiction, has been well chronicled.

“Bam, you brought your kid, who is five years old, with you on stage at my concert last night, and you were blessed with the opportunity to spend another day or two with him. However, as soon as you left my show, you remained up all night getting loaded…” Steve-O, who will have been sober for 15 years the following month, left a remark on Bam Margera’s Instagram page. Nikki Boyd, Margera’s wife, is the mother of their son Phoenix, who is 5 years old.

“Although you claim that you wish to have a connection with your son, the way in which you are now acting ensures that this will not be the case. I wanted you to see what the future holds for you if you make the decision to recover, and that’s why I invited you along on this trip with me “Next, Steve-O will continue. The comedian said that he has “done everything” he can in order to get through to his buddy, but that “I can’t compel you to be honest and do the work of rehabilitation.”

Then Steve-O continued: “I wish you could understand how much it has bothered me to be on edge in anticipation of hearing of your passing, but it is abundantly evident that I have no other option. You are passing away, brother, and I am unable to stop it or even slow it down in any way.”

After revealing on December 8 that he had been “declared loss,” Steve-O extended an invitation to Bam Margera to join him on his comedy tour.

“I was unaware that I was suffering from a severe case of COVID, which caused my body to shut down. I had four separate seizures, each of which lasted between ten and twenty minutes. And by the fourth one, I had chewed my tongue so hard that it had almost completely detached from my mouth. Because it had become so large and puffy, I was unable to put it in my mouth. In addition to this, I had contracted pneumonia as a result of swallowing the contaminated blood “Margera broke the news on the episode of Wild Ride! hosted by Steve-O. The professional skateboarder had to spend eight days in the hospital.

Over the last several years, Margera’s struggle with addiction has been documented for public consumption. In 2022, he failed to show up for the court-ordered rehabilitation program and was subsequently reported missing. The entertainer’s wife made it publicly known that she wanted him to quit drinking as well.

Margera’s rise to stardom began in 2000 when the first installment of the Jackass series was released. Jackass Forever, which was released in 2021, hardly included him at all. After a positive test for Adderall, Margera was terminated from her position on the project.

“However, despite our best efforts, we were unable to secure his participation throughout the course of the film. It’s truly going to shatter your heart. I adore Bam. Bam has a lot of fans. You are aware that he is our brother, right? Because of the great concern that we all have for him, one can only hope that he will make the effort to get the assistance that he needs “stated Johnny Knoxville.

Margera filed a lawsuit against the studio and Knoxville alleging that she was wrongfully fired, but the dispute was resolved in the previous year.

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