A lady by the name of Karen was standing in her yard in Malvern, Pennsylvania, on a recent windy day when she peered across her property and saw an odd visitor tucked in the flowerbeds and peering directly at her.

The poor dog was not just soaked but also filthy and shivering. Karen offered the dog a warm blanket and some chicken soup, and then she dialed the number for Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery to get some assistance. Nicole Asher, who was assisting, was relieved to see that Karen had reacted so promptly and collectedly.

According to Asher, “[She] was really shocked and handled it brilliantly without shocking [the dog] and scaring her off,” even though “[She] was very astonished.”

Asher gave Karen his word that she must proceed with extreme caution while feeding the dog and must under no circumstances make an effort to chase after the animal.

Asher said, “Letting the dogs be and not chasing or after they lets them settle into an area.” “Karen put out the food in a calm and peaceful manner and then let her be,” which enabled the dog to feel comfortable enough to come back.

Asher had brought over a kennel trap in the hopes that the adorable puppy would walk right into it. The drowsy dog swallowed the bait very immediately after it was presented to him.

Asher said in a post that he posted on Facebook, “She eventually got up after a lengthy slumber and made her way directly to my trap.” “Within seconds, she was inside and finally out of harm’s way.”

Asher and Karen looked through the dog’s tags, which led to the gradual discovery of the dog’s enigmatic history. When she ran away, her name was Ella, and prior to her escape, she had been residing in a foster home that was sponsored by MatchDog Rescue. Ella had been absent for nearly two weeks by the time Asher located her, and during that time she had traveled a distance of 12 miles. Everyone was relieved to learn that Ella had made it back home safely.

Asher remarked in his response, “We were beyond happy.” “As soon as I received the number, I called it right away, and once they got over the first shock, there were plenty of joyous tears and shouts of delight.”

Ella was promptly returned to her home by the rescue team that had come so fast. Ella, who had been out for a long time, was quite happy to finally be inside where it was warm.

Asher said that the head of the rescue organization had visited the woman and driven her back to her house so that she could recover from the terrible experience of being on the run. She had little trouble adjusting, and now she spends much of her time lounging around the house.

During her time spent in the flowerbeds, Ella found that having a bowl of soup and some blankets to wrap herself in made a world of a difference. However, due to Karen, Asher, and MatchDog Rescue, she is now sleeping on a real bed and will soon be adopted into a genuine family of her very own.

By Anna

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