It is obvious that Tom Brady’s strong bond with his parents has been passed down to his children.

After announcing his retirement from the NFL on Wednesday after 23 seasons, Tom Brady included a touching photo of his parents, Galynn Patricia Brady and Tom Brady Sr., sharing a special moment with the NFL veteran’s 10-year-old daughter, Vivian Lake. Brady also shared other family photos after making his announcement.

Vivian is beaming broadly as her ecstatic grandparents plant kisses on either of her cheeks as they stand on either side of their granddaughter and beam with pride.

In addition to his daughter Vivian, Brady, 45, is a father to two additional children: Benjamin Rein, 13, who he shares with his ex-wife Gisele Bündchen, and John “Jack” Edward, 15, who he shares with his ex-wife Bridget Moynahan. Vivian is Brady’s only child with his current wife.

Tom Sr. and Galynn have three daughters between them: Nancy, Julie, and Maureen. Their only son, Brady, is the youngest of their four children and the only boy overall.

There are a total of ten grandchildren shared by Tom Sr. and Galynn. Tom Sr. shared a photo on the couple’s anniversary that showed them posing with all of their grandchildren. It was the couple’s 51st wedding anniversary. “51 years of undying devotion and unwavering encouragement! And now they have all of these gorgeous grandkids to show for it! “he wrote in the caption, the caption says.

In an episode of his podcast titled “Let’s Go,” which aired in the month of November, Brady reflected on the things that his parents had done for him and how he hopes to replicate those actions for his own children.

In the episode that aired on November 21, he was quoted as saying, “I think myself as a parent and being grateful during Thanksgiving, it’s always time for family.” “When you think about this holiday and the commitment that parents make, and when you think about the commitment that my parents made to both me and my career, it is unbelievable.”

Brady expressed gratitude to his entire family for their support throughout his 23-year career and stated that he is “looking forward to finishing strong here after Thanksgiving.”

He continued by saying, “And of course with a great deal of gratitude to the people who have had such an enormous influence on my life and who have supported me all the way through this incredible career.” “All I want to do is be that for my children. You know, all I really want is to be the best possible parent that I can be.”

Back in 2017, Brady shared a touching moment between his mom and daughter, in which Galynn, who was battling an unnamed cancer at the time, cradled the then-preschooler in her arms. The moment was captured by Brady and shared on Instagram.

He accompanied the warm and fuzzy black-and-white photograph with the caption “Grandma + Vivi = (three heart emojis)”.

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