In her opinion, Yana has always been the ultimate cat woman. Meows were a constant presence in her life, and the child would often find them on the street and bring them into the house with her. At first, Yana didn’t give acquiring a puppy a second thought, but she quickly came around to the idea.

The woman’s kid, who is nine years old and went to practice, did not return home by herself after the session. It turns out that the little girl discovered a dog on the sidewalk that was drenched in water, frozen solid, and quivering with fear and cold.

The little girl scooped up the infant because she felt sorry for him and brought him back to his mother.

When Yana glanced at her daughter, who was carefully cradling the frozen creature to her bosom, she suddenly had the realization that they were going to have a dog.

Because the girl initially did not believe that this strategy would be successful, she did not even consider the possibility that she might become closer to the pet. She was worried that the puppy might be released back into the street, which was something she really wanted to avoid.

The family has taken to calling the dog Mukhtar, and all of them like having him around. Yana never once had second thoughts about taking in the puppy, who quickly became the favorite of everyone and the center of attention at the home.

The owner of Mukhtar chuckles and claims that he is the one who takes the dogs out for walks three times every day and not the dogs themselves. That would have have guessed that a poor little puppy who was living on the street would end up with such good fortune? We are grateful to the young lady who stopped to pet the dog that was walking down the street.

By Elen

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