Badger, a rowdy cocker spaniel puppy who had been discovered abandoned in a bucket and was afterwards adopted by a family, was unable to stay with his new family. Because of this fortunate turn of events, the Sussex and Surrey Police Dog Unit was able to make use of his boundless activity and highly developed sense of smell.

A concerned resident in Redhill, Surrey, a town around 30 kilometers south of London, made the original discovery of Badger and three other young puppies during the summer of 2019. The pups suffered terrible malnutrition, severe mange, were half bald, and had infections in their ears and eyes, so the people who rescued them transported them to the Millbrook Animal Center. A worker at the Millbrook Animal Centre named Jo Douglas told ITV that the tortured pups need many applications of eye and ear drops in addition to medicinal baths in order to recover from their injuries.

After they had fully recovered, all four pups were placed with loving households where they will continue their lives. They were given the names Dustin, El, Lucas, and Mike at the time since these are the names of the children from the show Stranger Things. Unfortunately, Badger had to be surrendered to the animal shelter due to the fact that his adoptive family was unable to keep up with his high-energy nature and his need for continuous mental stimulation.

In an attempt to keep Badger engaged while Jo and the other employees worked, they played games with him like hide-and-seek and smell. It was discovered that Badger was very skilled in the art of smelling.

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According to Douglas, “He was incredibly excellent at following his nose and truly liked it.” As a consequence of this, we called the police to inquire about the possibility of him joining their force as a new recruit.

Without a doubt, they were. Just a few months short of his second birthday, Badger became an official member of the local police force. Where does he stand in this? What he is most skilled at is, of course, looking for things like money, guns, and narcotics. The Sussex Police Department honored its newest four-legged cop, Badger, for successfully completing his training and being accepted into the force by publishing a heartwarming homage to him on their Facebook page a month ago.

His handler, PC Steph Barrett, who renamed him Badger and gave him the nickname, states that he is no stranger to getting into a little bit of mischief, despite the fact that he takes pleasure in the work that he does.

When the radio is turned on, he becomes so giddy that I don’t even have to ask him to get inside the vehicle since he does it on his own. In a police press release, Barrett adds, “He’s a delight to work with.” It’s hard to not adore him. He maintains that cheeky side, but at the same time, he is completely dedicated to his profession and never fails to make me grin.

The authorities have already assigned Badger responsibility for “several findings,” one of which was a stash of cash and narcotics discovered on the grounds of a church in November.

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