She is a young girl of just 11 years old. After hearing just a few notes, the judges sprang from their chairs in excitement. At the talent presentation for the Next Star competition, Pisa’s Serena was performing on stage. She had only turned 11 at the time. The flickering of the lights gave the impression that it was raining. The throng remained still as they waited. When the judges heard her voice for the first time, they immediately recognized that they were in the presence of a treasure.

They were so excited that throughout the performance they stood up and applauded. The mob continued to follow them the whole way. It seemed as if the hall was always filled with cries of “bravo.” Television audiences in every region of the globe have historically shown a strong interest in watching various types of talent competitions.

At the end of the day, they may make you feel better, give you a chance to relax, and allow you to just enjoy seeing individuals who are highly brilliant and skilled perform. And musicians, dancers, painters, and other performers who are very gifted in their work have the potential to achieve worldwide renown, popularity, and recognition.

Participating in a talent contest has the potential to be a winning lottery ticket that might change one’s life for the better. These kinds of people sometimes make it onto the stage of these performances, where they blow away not only the crowd but also the judges with the incredible abilities they possess.

By Elen

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