A local of San Francisco decided to go for a run along the beach on a sunny day in January, and the weather was perfect for it. While he was running down the shoreline, the wind was howling, but a peculiar sound managed to sneak through the gusts and stop him in his tracks.

According to what an officer with animal control named Carlos Ortega told The Dodo, “He heard a muffled bark, but there was no one in sight.”

The good Samaritan made the decision to search the cliffs that were adjacent to the beach for the source of the sound. These cliffs were steep and rocky. A few minutes into his search, he peered down into a rock formation and saw a pair of eyes staring at him. The eyes were staring at him from below.

The man did not waste any time and immediately dialed the number for his neighborhood animal control center, which was located in San Francisco, and informed the dispatchers about who he had located. When they reached that point, they called Ortega.

Ortega hastened his trip to the beach by traveling as quickly as he could. The tide was rising, and it wasn’t long before the rocks were going to be submerged in water.

Ortega remarked that “she didn’t really have a lot of time to be in that situation without harm coming over her,” which means that she didn’t have a lot of time before she was in danger. “The tide was coming in, so I needed to work quickly,” the speaker said.

The jogger had already left when Ortega arrived at the beach, but before he did so, he made sure to send the rescue team a picture of the rock formation as well as a pin indicating the location of the dog. After that, Ortega made use of the information to locate the precise rock pile that the dog was buried under.

Ortega explained, “I started looking at all of the rocks on the cliffside, trying to match the pattern of the rocks in the picture with what I was looking at in front of me.” “I started looking at all of the rocks on the cliffside,” However, the entirety of the location resembled the image in the photograph in every way.

Ortega was successful in locating the rock pattern depicted in the picture after searching for a total of 15 minutes. After that, he started looking in every nook and cranny, hoping to locate an open area that was big enough for a dog to conceal themselves in.

The rescue worker was exhausted after searching the rocks by himself, so he decided to call for assistance from his fellow rescue workers. While Ortega was reaching for his phone, he took one last look at the rocks and made an interesting discovery in the process.

Ortega said, “I looked down and saw Gwen staring up at me.” “I looked down and saw Gwen staring up at me.” “Despite the fact that she was shaking, she didn’t utter a sound. There was not a single noise.”

The moment Ortega saw Gwen, he immediately began formulating a strategy for how he could remove the rocks from above her without causing her any harm. After some time, he was able to pull the top rock off and push it down the cliff, which allowed him to see a tired Gwen beneath it.

“I reached down and pet her,” Ortega said. “She didn’t seem to mind.” During the time that I was petting her, she stopped trembling for a brief moment and moved closer to me. That was an encouraging omen.

Once Ortega had earned the puppy’s confidence, he placed a leash around her for protection and carefully lifted her out of the rock cave where she had been hiding. He made sure she was unharmed, and once he determined that, he took a cute selfie with his new friend.

Ortega described her as pleasant and unruffled. “She just leaned in and kissed me on the cheek.”

Gwen was brought back to the officer’s truck, where he performed a search for a microchip in her body. Within a few minutes, he was able to locate Gwen’s family after the scanner was able to successfully identify her microchip.

After the dog had gotten away earlier that morning, Gwen’s family had been looking for her for several hours. Ortega found out very quickly that they had been looking for her. As soon as Ortega learned where they lived, he wasted no time in making his way to Gwen’s residence in order to bring her back together with the rest of her family.

Gwen immediately ran into the arms of her family the moment she saw them, and she hasn’t moved away from their side since then. Ortega is relieved that Gwen’s story was able to have a positive conclusion, which he attributes to the collaborative effort that was required to save her.

Ortega stated that “the only way a rescue like this can happen is with the effort of a team and help from the public.” This was the only way a rescue like this could happen. “We were able to find her in the nick of time thanks to the jogger who was able to provide us with such important information and the dispatchers who asked the right questions.”

Even though Ortega has helped save other people’s lives since then, he will never forget the moment he first laid eyes on Gwen.

Ortega was quoted as saying, “Coming to work every day, you have the potential to change the life of someone else.” It was Gwen and her family in this particular instance.

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