On Saturday, a courageous dog was praised for alerting his owner to a fire in their Pennsylvania house minutes before his owner was trapped in a smoke-filled bedroom until firemen arrived. The fire had occurred in their home.

Waddy Moses, according to KDKA, was ignorant that a fire had broken out at his New Castle property when it occurred. During the time that he was in the restroom, his dog, Diego, peered up at him and barked. Moses had a gut feeling that something wasn’t quite right. When he peeked out the door, there was a cloud of smoke that filled the corridor.

Moses made an attempt to grab hold of Diego’s collar as the two of them ran away from their pursuers. Nevertheless, Diego was able to break away and make his way into one of the bedrooms despite the heavy smoke. Moses escaped the burning home, but Diego remained behind to protect him.

When Moses first stepped outdoors, the safety of his dog was the first thing that crossed his mind.

I shouted at my neighbor and instructed him to obtain a ladder before I left the house. In an interview with KDKA, Moses remarked, “I placed it up on a second-story roof, shattered the windows, and attempted to enter, and there was smoke everywhere.”

Moses was at a loss for what to do since he could not find his closest companion.

When asked by the news station how he was feeling, Moses said, “I feared I’d lost him.”

Moses’s much-loved dog Reo passed away from cancer only two months before this tragedy, so it’s likely that he was completely unprepared for the magnitude of this loss. After Reo died away, Moses went to the Beaver County Humane Society and that’s where he met Diego. As soon as Moses saw Diego, he knew he had to give him a home since KDKA had told him that Diego looked a much like Reo.

When the firemen entered the house, they found Diego laying down on the floor of one of the bedrooms. As soon as they brought the puppy outdoors, they began administering oxygen to him in an effort to assist him in recovering from the smoke. After what seemed like an eternity, Diego eventually came to. According to reports from KDKA, the dog was still alive despite having some trouble standing up straight on his own.

In an interview with KDKA, Moses noted, “Everything else can be substituted.” My dog is in good health. That by itself is enough to satisfy.”

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