Keeping yourself motivated during the process of achieving any goal might be challenging at times. It might be challenging to keep on track with your goals, whether they include becoming stronger, aiming for a promotion, or resolving to stop using your living room as a storage space for your belongings. When you can’t see the finish line in the distance, it may be quite encouraging to celebrate the accomplishments of other people and to be reminded that you, too, are capable of achieving the same things as they have.

At SELF, we are always happy to celebrate the accomplishments of women who have made the conscious decision to prioritize their own health and happiness. In this article, we have included some of our favorite tales from the last year that illustrate how women, armed with dedication, self-love, and communities that motivate them, have set, met, and frequently surpassed their objectives in order to live lives that are healthier, fitter, and more satisfying. In each of these situations, losing weight was the primary objective; nevertheless, by committing themselves to develop more healthy behaviors, the women achieved so much more than just that goal. Because here is the thing: reaching a certain number on the scale is not the only factor in successful weight reduction. It takes a lot of effort to lose weight, as these ladies illustrate, including eating and exercising in a manner that works for your body, managing the pressures in your life, participating in good habits such as getting enough sleep and maintaining a reality check on what is sustainable and what is not.

And before we get into it, a very crucial point to make: healthy habits are for everyone, but weight reduction is not for everyone. In the event that you have a history of eating disorders, you need to consult with your primary care physician before setting any weight reduction objectives for yourself. It is possible that the best behaviors you may cultivate are those in which you make no mental or emotional reference to your weight at all. Everyone experiences it in a unique way, and its significance is high to the individual.

Even if your objectives have nothing at all to do with weight loss, seeing what other people are able to do when they put their minds to something may provide a significant boost in motivation whenever you feel that your own is beginning to wane. Let the experiences of these 12 people who are completely unrelated to you serve as motivation for you to take steps toward achieving the happiness, health, and fulfillment that you want in your life.

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