Anna Faris might really benefit from some time away from her acting career.

Faris, who is now 46 years old, has established her acting career via a variety of high-profile parts, some of which include the Scary Movie trilogy, The House Bunny, What’s my Number?, and The Hot Chick.

But her most notable performance was as the long-running character Christy Plunkett on the long-running CBS sitcom Mom. It came as a surprise to fans when she quit the show before the eighth and final season of the show’s run.

Since she left her job as Mom in 2020, Faris has been extremely picky about the roles she takes on, and with the exception of 2022’s The Estate, she has mostly worked in the animation industry.

According to what Faris has said in an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, she did not make this decision “consciously.” Despite this, she started to reevaluate her circumstances when the Greater Los Angeles region “truly shut down” as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic.

“I eased off the throttle a little bit and focused a lot of my attention on my baby at that period. It was really enjoyable to me “During the promotion of her new Avocados From Mexico Super Bowl 2023 commercial, Faris states the following. “It wasn’t a deliberate decision, but I suppose you could call it a sabbatical.”

Because she was able to get away from her hectic professional life for a little while, Faris is in a much better mood today.

“It gave off a wonderful feeling. And now, what also feels amazing is that all of the ideas and characters that I’ve been kind of unconsciously kicking about, feel like they’re slowly kind of beginning to sprout, and that’s a very exciting feeling “the host of the podcast Unqualified continues. “In addition to that, I have this amazing feeling of being incredibly proactive.”

Regarding her next major undertaking, Faris will be featured in an advertisement for avocados from Mexico that will air during the Super Bowl in 2023. The actress will play the role of Eve in this project, which will take place in the Garden of Eden. She will help tell the narrative of “a story as ancient as time,” which the company described as being about “how one miraculous avocado might transform the world as we know it.”

Although Faris was had to disrobe for the commercial, the experience, which she described as being incredibly “liberating,” was a positive one for her.

“When I realized that the wardrobe in my trailer was a tiny little thong,” she says. “When I realized that the wardrobe in my trailer was a tiny little thong and this jelly-like “I felt very happy that I’m sort of at this spot in life where I could spend a lot of time feeling humble and uncertain, or I could just embrace it,” the speaker said. “It’s my choice.”

On February 12 at 6:30 p.m. Eastern Time, Fox will air live coverage of Super Bowl LVII, which will take place at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

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