Priscilla Presley passed away earlier this month, and since then, her family has been mourning in a most open and public manner. They have issued comments and staged ceremonies to honor Lisa Marie’s life while expressing gratitude to fans for their support during this difficult time.

The issue of Lisa Marie’s will, on the other hand, has become relevant now that all of the rituals have been completed. It has led to discord among the family since Priscilla is of the opinion that her daughter’s will should not be written in the manner that it is.

Following the passing of her daughter on January 12, 2023, Priscilla Presley has been candid with her devoted following about the challenges she faces in her life. After slipping into complete cardiac arrest, Lisa Marie was unable to recover from her condition.

She described herself as being distraught at the passing of her daughter and claimed that she was working hard to come to grips with the situation at this point. Priscilla then took the opportunity to express her gratitude to fans for their love and support during this difficult period. She wrote in a tweet:

It has been a really challenging period, but simply knowing that the people you love are still alive and well makes a difference.

After the passing of their mother, Priscilla has been there to support and guide her granddaughters through the first few weeks of their grief. However, they are now entangled in a dispute with Lisa Marie’s estate since Riley, Lisa Marie’s daughter has been appointed the only executor of the will.

Following a modification to Lisa Marie’s will in 2016, her mother and former manager Barry Siegel were no longer beneficiaries of her trust. Initially, the trust had included both of these individuals. Because of this, her two oldest children ended up serving as trustees for the organization.


Following the loss of Lisa Marie’s son in July 2020, her oldest daughter, Riley Keough, took over as the sole trustee of the estate. Priscilla is challenging the will and calling into doubt the legitimacy of Lisa Marie’s signature on the aforementioned papers.

The present trustees of Lisa Marie’s estate are Priscilla and Siegel, and they are doing all in their power to ensure that they continue to serve in that capacity. According to Priscilla, the paperwork has an error in the spelling of her name, and the signature does not seem to be Lisa Marie’s signature.

The woman who was formerly married to Elvis Presley said that contrary to what is required of all trustees, she was never given the alterations that were made to the paperwork. In addition to this, she said that there were neither witnesses nor notaries present throughout the revisions.

The property that belonged to Elvis in Memphis, Tennessee, will be kept in the family. The last resting place of Elvis Presley may be found at Graceland. His daughter has been laid to rest next to him now. After the passing of her father, Lisa Marie inherited the property, and she has since given it to her three children as a bequest.

When Lisa Marie was barely nine years old, the property was bequeathed to her in the form of a trust. When she turned 25, the trust was terminated, and she immediately became the sole owner of the property. Subsequently, she established The Elvis Presley Trust.

Due to the existence of this trust, Lisa Marie and Priscilla, in addition to the National Bank of Commerce, were able to jointly administer the property. The public is welcome at Graceland for tours and even overnight stays at the mansion.

In the days that followed Lisa Marie’s passing, people from all over the globe expressed their love for her in heartfelt tributes. However, it took longer for Lisa Marie’s children to share remarks or images of their mothers. On January 24, Riley posted a picture on her Instagram account that included both her and her mother, and she expressed her appreciation for the shot.

Riley said that the picture was from the very last time she had been with her mother. After then, Riley referred to her mother as “lovely.” This last month has been filled with sadness and anguish for Riley; but, she has some wonderful news to share.

Later on this year, she will be appearing in a series titled “Daisy Jones and The Six,” which will be made available on Prime Video. The show is adapted from a novel, and there is significant interest in the original work, according to several accounts.

The storyline of the sitcom follows the exploits of a band that is modeled after the well-known band Fleetwood Mac. The producers commissioned some of the best musicians and composers in the world to create unique music for the show, which they did by hiring them.

The plot will follow the band as they achieve success and eventually make the decision to disband at one of their performances in Chicago that is completely sold out. The project will take the form of a documentary-style series in which the protagonists will be given the opportunity to offer their own accounts of how they coped with the success and failure of their band.

Daisy, the lead character, will be portrayed by Riley in this production. The first time Riley starred as the main character in a series was in “The Girlfriend Experience,” for which she was nominated for a Golden Globe. This will be Riley’s second time playing the lead role in a television show.

It had only been a few days after Riley’s mother had gone away when the trailer for the show was published the week before last, and the actress has said that she took inspiration from her own mother for the part. She went on and on:

“Someone who did their own thing and didn’t really care what other people thought reared me. As a result, I’m rather independent. She was unquestionably a source of motivation for me.”

Just four days before to the release of the trailer, a source close to Riley revealed that she and her husband, Ben Smith-Petersen, had become parents to a baby girl together. After Riley’s tribute to her mother at Lisa Marie’s burial service, there was widespread speculation that the baby was on the way.

During the speech, Riley expressed her gratitude to her mother for loving her without conditions and went on to say that she wished she could love her own daughter the same way that her mother had loved her and her brothers when they were growing up.

Riley and her husband had not provided any more information about their daughter, including when she was born or what her name was. Riley just continued by stating that she and her sisters were pleased to be their mother’s daughters since they were a product of their mother. After completing her remarks, she said:

“I want to thank you for providing me with the strength, the heart, the empathy, the bravery, the sense of humor, the manners, the wildness, and the stubbornness I have today.”

As of yet, neither Riley nor her husband have shared any postings on the topic of the birth of their child with the community. During this trying time, we want Riley Keough and her family to know that they are in our thoughts and prayers. Rest in peace, Lisa Marie Presley.

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