A couple in the United Kingdom was left in utter disbelief after learning that their cat, Bear, had been killed by a vehicle.

Unfortunately, the cat passed away, but they had no clue that they would soon get a message from a complete stranger explaining that their animal had also been someone else’s buddy. They thought the note would arrive shortly after the cat’s passing.

Teddy and Bear were inseparable throughout their lives, and they regularly embarked on journeys together.

Teddy went back to his house soon after Bear passed away, bringing with him a message that he had fastened to his collar.

The message started off with the greeting, “Dear Owner; I’m your next-door neighbor, live in 4.” Because they are used to coming into my room on a regular basis, your two cats and I are good friends. I also consider them to be my pets.

However, for the last two weeks, one of them, the biggest of the two, has gone missing. Is he going to be okay? “I’m quite worried about what may happen to him.”

The message was written by a Taiwanese student who was participating in an exchange program and also happened to be their next-door neighbor.

Bear, along with his sister or brother, would brighten her day whenever she was feeling a bit lonely due to the fact that she was so far away from home.

“We placed a message back into number 4, explaining that our other cat had gone away,” said Scott Ewels, one of Bear’s owners. “We put a note back into number 4, telling that our other cat had passed away.” Our email address was also included in the materials.”

The next day, he was sent a rather long email. The couple was surprised to learn that their cat had a buddy in the form of a solitary Taiwanese exchange student. She assured him that she would walk him through the presentations that she had given at the university.

Since she didn’t have anybody else to practice with, Scott explained that the two of them would take turns sitting on her bed and listening to music. It was a really kind gesture, and she also included some pictures of my children, which just warmed my heart.

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