At the Alicia Pet Care Center (APCC), the employees are used to going above and beyond for their patients in order to alleviate any tension that may be present. The animal hospital in California is always willing to make any necessary accommodations, and in addition to providing “happy visits” for first-time visitors, during which nervous dogs are coddled and given treats in the days leading up to a procedure, the facility is always willing to accommodate any request.

Because of this, the group came up with the idea to explore other methods of persuasion after a dog called Bandit refused to take his medication for the duration of his stay.

“He was extremely honest in the feedback of his hatred for medication,” Diana Gorin, APCC’s social media marketing expert, told The Dodo. “He was very honest in the feedback of his disgust for medicine.” “He flat-out refused to accept any of it.”

They made contact with his parents, who advised them to use turkey sandwiches as a distraction strategy.

According to Gorin, “We made a special trip to Target in order to purchase him the required components for an exceptional turkey sandwich,” and this was the reason for the trip.

When they took the sandwich to Bandit’s cage, however, he did not devour it as quickly as they had anticipated he would. Instead, he took care to remove the sandwich from their grasp, set it down on his bed, and then lay his head down on top of it.

The group attempted once again, this time with many distinct turkey sandwich preparations, but they were unsuccessful.

Gorin said that they experimented with “simple turkey sandwiches,” “peanut butter turkey sandwiches,” and “only peanut butter.” “Unfortunately, none of them were enough to meet his needs,” he said.

As time went on, Bandit’s rejected sandwiches began to accumulate on his bed, which was his favored location to store them. The obstinate dog didn’t give up easily, and before long he had a mountain of sandwiches on his bed, which he used as cushions.

And it was very evident that Bandit was acting intentionally.

In response to criticism of their video, APCC said, “For me, it was the side eye at the end.”

The group came up with a fresh strategy in order to successfully administer Bandit’s medication.

“Two of our physicians discretely hid a pill inside a flavorful meatball so that he wouldn’t find it,” Gorin said. They offered it to him, and he consumed it!

Bandit continued to get his medication in the form of a juicy meatball for the remainder of his time at APCC. The staff couldn’t help but smile when they saw the lovely puppy put his head on a stack of sandwiches, but they couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when they saw that he was finally taking his medicine.

After a week, Bandit returned home, and although his buddies at APCC are missing him, Gorin has a good feeling that he was doing well in his new environment.

Gorin said that he believes Bandit is doing a lot better now that he is at home. It’s possible that he’s going to launch his own deli named Bandit’s Turkey Sandwiches.

Since Bandit’s visit, the veterinary staff hasn’t needed to prepare any decoy sandwiches, but they still have all of the ingredients and recipes they need to assist their next apprehensive patient.

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