Athena Brownfield, who was 4 years old, was said to have been murdered by her babysitter on Christmas Day, according to the police, and her remains have been proven to be those of Athena Brownfield in a remote region of Oklahoma.

The notification was made on the Facebook page that the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigations maintains.

According to the statement, “due to a gag order entered in Caddo County District Court,” the OSBI is unable to provide any more commentary on the investigation at this time.

According to the OSB, I’s Facebook page, the judge presiding over the case in Caddo County District Court, David Stephens ordered a gag order on Monday about the investigation. According to the agency, this prevents law enforcement and lawyers from making public statements on the inquiry.

On January 10, a postal worker in Cyril, Oklahoma, came upon Athena’s younger sister, who was wandering about outside of their house. This prompted the family to file a complaint that Athena was missing.

Six days later, on January 16, they shifted their focus from search and rescue to recovery operations. Initially, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and local agencies hunted for the kid in the hopes of finding her alive.

On January 17, the bones of the kid were discovered outside of Rush Springs in rural Grady County; however, local authorities said that they were unable to positively identify the youngster. According to the announcement made by the OSBI, the remains were taken to the Medical Examiner’s Office in Oklahoma County so that they could be positively identified.

About 22 miles to the southeast of Cyril, Oklahoma is where you’ll find Rush Springs.

According to an affidavit acquired by the Associated Press, Athena was reportedly murdered on Christmas Day by her male caretaker Ivon Adams, who was arrested on January 12 in Arizona for the crime. Athena’s body was found on Christmas Day. According to KOCO News in Oklahoma, on January 19, he was sent from the Oklahoma City Jail to the Caddo County Jail in Anadarko.

According to the data from the court, Ivon is still being held in custody without bail. Attorney Mitchell S. Solomon, who works for the Oklahoma Indigent Defense System, has been appointed to defend him in court. On Thursday, PEOPLE reached out to Solomon for comment; but, he did not immediately respond.

Alysia Adams, Ivon’s wife, was also taken into custody on January 12 and charged with two charges of neglecting her children. According to the documents filed with the court, she is being represented by Attorney Albert J. Hoch. Hoch informed PEOPLE that owing to the gag order, he was unable to respond on behalf of his client.

The authorities were unable to determine the nature of the girls’ and Adams’ connection, although they did confirm that they are connected. According to the OSBI, the biological parents of Athena and her sister were questioned by investigators and are cooperating with law enforcement at this time.

According to an affidavit, the children’s biological mother reportedly abandoned them with the couple. This was published by the Associated Press. Alysia was referred to by the girls as “mom” or “Aly,” while Ivon was referred to as “dad” or “Uncle Ivon.”

The Adams family looked after the two young ladies for at least a year when they were in their care.

KFOR stated that the allegations made in the affidavit include the fact that the two kids were never brought to the doctor for checkups and that the elder daughter was never enrolled in school.

According to a report by KOCO News, a burial ceremony was performed on Wednesday for the little girl who had passed away.

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