Henry Winkler and his wife Stacey have been living proof of the existence of genuine love for the last 44 years. They have gone through a lot, but through it all, they have maintained their commitment to one another: in sickness and in health.

On 1976, when Winkler was starring in the successful television program “Happy Days,” he was introduced to Stacey. He was at a clothes shop when he saw a redhead with purple hair and trousers that looked like parachute pants standing in front of him. Even though he had the idea, “Woah, she is one stunning lady standing in front of me,” he did not initiate conversation with her for another week.

He made a second trip to the shop, and as luck would have it, the stunning girl was still working there. He invited her to share a Coke with him, but she denied the offer. However, she changed her mind, and before long, they were sitting at the restaurant that was just across the street from the shop.

Henry Winkler and his wife of 44 years enjoy fishing, their grandchildren, and each other. He remembers the look on her face when they first met.

It didn’t take too much more to see that the two of them were meant to be together. After a short period of time together, the pair decided to move in together. Jed, Stacey’s son, who was four years old at the time, and the family’s two dogs also came along. As Stacey recalls, being in the same room as a renowned star required some adjusting.

“People would crowd around Henry and actually step on my toes as they got closer to him. At one point, I voiced my frustration by declaring, “You have just utterly destroyed my stockings.” And then this lady said, “But Fonzie is my favorite!””

Winkler had to “grow up” and become a family man as a result of the relocation, which was another major life event for him. Although he and Stacey were able to conceal their connection for a time, the actor’s undivided devotion was always there for both her and their child. The couple’s primary emphasis was on establishing a rock-solid foundation for their family.

He benefited from the calming effect that Stacey had on him. She founded her own fashion PR agency after graduating from New York University. Her tenacity was one of the characteristics that drew Winkler’s attention to her, as shown by the fact that he referred to her as having a “iron will.”

Even though Winkler had a negative view of marriage in the past, he had now met the person with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life. They had been dating for two years when they finally decided to be married and had their ceremony at a synagogue in New York. In 1980, Zoe was born, and in 1983, Max was born, bringing the total number of children living in their household to four.

As Winkler continued to be successful in the entertainment industry, the couple worked together to bring up their children. The connection between Winkler and his wife is strong because of the work they put into it. When asked what it takes to keep a marriage together after 44 years, Stacey provided the following advice:

“It does require work. There are bumps on the road, and you go a bit off kilter, but if you have the ability and the stick-to-itiveness that is built on love, then your friendship and your relationship only grows better.”

Zoe, who struggled from dyslexia much like her father, was able to fulfill her lifelong ambition of becoming a teacher. Following in his father’s footsteps, Max entered the entertainment industry and began writing, directing, and producing.

Illness was an additional obstacle that the Winkler family needed to overcome in addition to the pressures that came with celebrity. In the late 1990s, Stacey received the news that she had breast cancer from her doctor. She had therapy for the sickness and was declared to be in remission; however, in 2001, the disease manifested itself again.

The mother of three ultimately chose to have a double mastectomy the second time around. She overcame the disease with the help of a variety of treatments, and she has been cancer-free ever since. The Winkler family became closer as a result of that season, and it motivated them to enjoy every moment of their lives to the fullest.

Both the actor, who is 77 years old, and his wife, who is now 75, are making the most of their golden years. Their past has instilled in them the importance of living and loving to the fullest since nobody owes anybody the next day. Winkler, when asked to name a few of the things that bring them joy, stated the following:

Together, we have a lot of fun fly fishing. We love grandkids together. Going to the movies is a fun activity for both of us. Every day, we find new reasons to delight in one another.

While chatting with James Corden, host of “The Late Late Show,” Winkler said that his wife looked just as stunning today as she did the day they tied the knot. Their daughter Zoe said that seeing the love that her parents had with one another motivated her to one day find someone special and share her life with them. She wed Robert Reinis in 2009.

Stacey and her husband have five grandkids, all of whom they confess to pampered to the fullest extent imaginable. Stacey and her husband are also devoted grandparents. They take great pleasure in seeing them engage in activities that they know their children would frown upon, such as eating an infinite number of hot fudge sundaes. Winkler was asked about this period in his life and profession, and he responded as follows:

“I couldn’t be happier to be here on earth, I couldn’t be happier to be with my family, and I couldn’t be happier with the job that I’m doing.”

Even after all of these years, the Winklers still take pleasure in each other’s company. They like nothing more than getting together and either having a simple conversation or watching a movie. They spend a lot of time on the water and enjoy fly fishing to a great extent.

The actor continues to share his skill with the public by participating on the HBO crime program “Barry,” in which he plays the role of Gene Cousineau. Following his legendary performance in “Happy Days,” he made a strong attempt to move on from that performance and explore a broader range of roles in films and television shows.

As an actor, an author of more than 30 books, and a family guy, Henry Winkler never ceases to astound and impress fans and colleagues alike. Winkler and his wife have remained steadfast in their marriage through the challenging times, and they are now passing on their heritage to their children and grandkids.

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