When Hanna Wilson got into the vehicle with her adolescent son on an afternoon in January, it was just another typical day for her and her family in Rock Point, Arizona. She had no idea that she would end up being the one to save a life. But the good Samaritan immediately altered her course of action when she came upon two piles of black and white fluff lying in the middle of a busy gravel road.

Wilson stopped her vehicle close to the clumps of fur in order to get a better look at the situation. To her astonishment, she counted eight small pups huddled together with no other family in sight.

First, she requested assistance with picking them up from a rescue group that she was familiar with and felt she could rely on.

We received a message on Facebook that said, ‘Help!’ so we decided to check it out. Help! According to Shelby Davis, director of Soul Dog Rescue, who spoke with The Dodo about the incident, “someone dropped eight pups on a rural road near Rock Point, Arizona.” “I left everything I was doing to go look for them.”

Davis climbed behind the wheel of her car and began the one-hour journey to Rock Point, but before she was there, she received another urgent message from Wilson.

Davis said that there were really thirteen pups and not just eight. “There were more people trying to hide.”

Because Davis was so far away and the traffic on the dirt road was becoming heavier, Wilson and her son came to the conclusion that they needed to save as many pups as they could, as soon as they could, on their own.

Davis relayed the following information: “Her son rushed after all of them, and she got them all in a container.” After that, they waited calmly for us to arrive.

When Davis arrived, she assisted in loading the pups into the car that belonged to her rescue organization. She was thankful to Wilson for not disregarding the puppies even though others had, and she made note of the fact that ordinary folks like Wilson can make a significant impact when it comes to the rescue of animals.

According to Davis, “There are a lot more individuals in the neighborhood undertaking rescues and not turning a blind eye.” “I feel like things are finally going to start turning around for the better.”

Davis first had a peek at the vibrant personality of the puppies as soon as she loaded them up in her pickup vehicle and began to move out from the parking lot.

Davis said that a handful of the individuals would carry on in-depth discussions with him. “They would be very nice and silent until I glanced at them, and then it would be time to chat and give me a piece of their mind,” the speaker said.

As soon as the pups arrived at the veterinarian’s office, they were given food and water, as well as comprehensive medical examinations. Even though they were large enough to consume wet food on their own, which would help them recuperate more quickly, they were starving and thirsty to the point of being unable to function normally.

Davis said, “I’ve never seen pups drink as much as they did, and they were quite young.” It seemed as if they had been absent for some time.

It is unknown how long the pups were really left outside, but Davis is certain that they would not have been able to make it through another night in temperatures that dropped below 15 degrees Fahrenheit at night.

Not only were they rescued at the last possible moment, but the very same day that they were saved, each puppy was placed in a warm and loving foster home where they were able to go to sleep.

Davis said that it was in the animals’ best interest that they did not have to enter the shelter at any point. Because of the foster care kids were receiving, all of their requirements were met around the clock.

You may get more information on how they were saved here:

The foster family has the pups for the time being, but they aren’t completely on their own with them. Because the pups had just been saved when they were between 4 and 5 weeks old, they were placed in foster care in groups of two, with the exception of the first four, who all went to the same household together.

After being given all of their vaccinations and having either been spayed or neutered, the puppies from the teeny-tiny litter will be made available for adoption via Soul Dog Rescue in approximately a month and a half. Up until that point, the puppies are enjoying the new life they have been given by their new family as well as their rapid rate of growth with each passing day.

Davis said that “they are extremely adorable and courageous.” “I have no doubt that each and every one of them will mature into outstanding dogs.”

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