Remaya Hernandez is 5 years old and she and her parents now reside in Florida, United States of America. The child spends the most of her time walking in the vicinity of her home, and her parents did not believe that she would be in any danger in the courtyards that she often traverses. What took place to her is the stuff of every mother’s worst fear. When Remaya was out riding her bike, a neighbor’s dog came up behind her and bit her.

After hearing her daughter cry, the girl’s mother immediately raced to her aid. She was terrified when she saw a large dog grab the infant by the face and pull it toward itself.

However, before the mom could reach to her daughter, their pit dog, Trigger, sprang over the fence and raced to assist his little charge.

He caused the attacking dog to get so severe wounds that her owners were forced to put her to death because of the struggle. “We trained him to always defend his owners and take care of us,” says Lusila, the girl’s mother. “We taught him to always protect his owners and take care of us.” If not for Trigger, it is possible that she might not have been able to rescue her daughter.

Remaya is also grateful for her canine companion, who she believes may have been the one to pull her through this dangerous situation. The young woman struggled for a significant amount of time before she finally came to her senses. She would wake up screaming from her terrifying nightmares, in which she saw enormous jaws pressing up on her face. As soon as the opportunity presented itself, the girl’s parents brought her to see a cosmetic surgeon.

When they showed their daughter their scars, they were concerned that she would have a nightmare about them. The vast majority of persons who have ever been attacked by a dog will always have a strong aversion to dogs and be scared of them. However, Remaya will not forget for the rest of her life that it was the dog that came to her rescue. The young lady is certain that non-human creatures have human characteristics. There are both positive and negative examples. Nevertheless, the vast majority of dogs are very loving and devoted pets.

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