Mama Kerry was discovered hiding beneath a vehicle when she was discovered to be highly pregnant. She ultimately gave birth in a shelter after being taken there. She was quickly taken in by Hearts & Bones Rescue, and they have made it their duty to ensure that both she and her pups are protected and well taken care of.

According to Katherine Hieber of Hearts & Bones Rescue, who spoke with The Dodo, “Kerry and her puppies settled in right away.” Kerry is quite resilient, and she seems content to have a secure location in which to care for her puppies.

Kerry was overjoyed to finally be surrounded by people who loved her after spending a significant amount of time wandering the streets all by herself. Even though she was an amazing mother and knew all there was to know about taking care of her pups, she never once entertained the idea of doing it alone. Now that her pups are older, she welcomes assistance from anybody and everyone, and she even enjoys having her paw held as she feeds her young.

According to Hieber, “She is highly loving, so if you are nearby, she will make it known how much she likes being close to you with kisses or a paw shake.” If you are around her, she will let you know how much she loves being close to you. “Kerry is quite trustworthy, and she hasn’t been too protective of anybody or anything. She let us hold her babies so that we can weigh them and ensure that all of the puppies are developing normally.”

Kerry seems to understand that the people around her are there to assist her and her pups, which is one of the reasons why she is so content. Her pups are very important to her, and all she’s ever desired is to have a calm environment in which she can see them develop and mature.

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