Cindy Crawford was one of the first supermodels to emerge in the ’90s, and to this day, not only does her legend endure, but she is still active in the modeling industry. In recent years, Crawford’s daughter Kaia Gerber has taken the modeling world by storm, demonstrating that beauty and modeling skill truly does run in the family. Crawford’s popularity will never fade, but Kaia Gerber’s success shows that beauty and modeling talent really do run in the family. In addition to this, Kaia resembles her mother when she was in her prime quite closely.

A striking familial resemblance is not at all rare, especially in the case of famous people. However, when your mother is a supermodel, you might argue that Crawford’s children are incredibly fortunate to have her as a parent. Crawford and her husband, Rande Gerber, are the parents of two children: a boy called Presley Gerber, who is now 23 years old, and a daughter named Kaia, who is 21 years old.

Kaia is the one who has followed in her mother’s footsteps and is turning her wonderful looks into a job. Both of the children have taken after their parents’ spectacular good features — in fact, they are a highly photogenic family — but it is Kaia who has turned her good looks into a vocation. If you had the same features as your mother, Cindy Crawford, then you would have them too.

Despite the fact that she is just 21 years old, Kaia has already had a significant impact on the fashion world. Already in her brief career, she has been in a variety of fashion shows, publications, and advertising, among other things. In point of fact, Kaia was bestowed with the title of Model of the Year at The Fashion Awards in the year 2018.

Before going on a little trip to Disneyland, Kaia, much like the children of many other celebrities, had no idea that her mother was a very famous person. It was only after the trip that she realized the power that her mother wielded.

Continue reading to find out more about Kaia’s life, including how she learned how famous her mother is and how she reacted to the news.

At first sight, it is easy to see that Kaia takes like her mother in a significant way since the two of them have the same deep-set chocolate eyes, gorgeous lips, and statuesque proportions. The mother and daughter seem to have a very strong bond, as Crawford often brags on Instagram about her daughter’s accomplishments.

There is no disputing the fact that Kaia looks up to her mother as a source of inspiration and drive to achieve success in the same field as her. It is clear that the bond shared by the mother and daughter because of the frequency with which they are captured spending time together in photographs.

In an interview with Teen Vogue in 2017, Kaia credited her parents as the source of the insight and discernment that she has gained throughout her life. Her parents have been supportive of her decision to pursue the professional path that she has chosen.

“I have always been trained by my parents to be honest with who I am and to trust my gut feelings. They also believe that you should never allow the actions of other people influence what it is that you wish to achieve for yourself. According to what she shared with the outlet, “it changes everything when you embrace who you are and when you don’t strive to alter yourself.”

Already at a young age, Kaia grasped the power of her impact and her platform. She made the observation that she too wanted to be an inspiration to other young ladies like her mother had been to her.

She highlighted, “It is so important to me to be a positive role model for young girls and someone their mom would want them to look up to.” “It is so important for me to be someone their mum would want them to look up to.” “Because I am able to communicate with so many individuals, it might be difficult for them to differentiate between reality and fiction. I don’t make light of any of the platforms I have available to me. It is of the utmost significance to convey the appropriate message.

At the early age of 21, Kaia has already walked the runway for high-end fashion houses such as Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, Coach, Prada, Chanel, Fendi, Valentino, and Versace. Additionally, she has gathered more than approximately 9 million followers on her Instagram account.

Due to the fact that Crawford was a famous supermodel while Kaia was growing up, she, like many other celebrity children, had a difficult time comprehending the idea of fame.

Kaia was shielded from the sparkle and splendor of Hollywood’s paparazzi for the whole of her formative years. Both of Kaia and Presley’s parents were there throughout their childhoods since they spent their formative years in a secluded and close-knit enclave in Malibu. Kaia said to Teen Vogue that despite the fact that their parents led busy lives, they were able to successfully compartmentalize their hectic work lives and their time spent at home in the best manner possible.

In a different part of the same interview, Kaia described the time when she first realized that her mother was the one being interviewed. It wasn’t until she went to an amusement park for her birthday that she realized what it was all along.

When I was eight years old, I celebrated my birthday in Disneyland, and it was there that I first began to comprehend what was going on. She divulged this information to the publication, “I wanted to take photographs with the princesses, and everyone else wanted to take pictures with her!”

Since that time, Kaia has been tremendously influenced by her mother, particularly now that the two of them are working in the same highly competitive business. Calvin Klein was the very first modeling agency that Kaia walked for when she began her career when she was 16 years old, much as her mother had done.

In a different interview with Vogue, Kaia said that her mother was most likely her greatest source of motivation.

“If anybody else had a point of comparison, I was undoubtedly one of the better ones to have,” she said. When it came to me, modeling wasn’t a strange world to enter, and I had the impression that I knew it. “I sort of understood what I was getting into,” she added. “I knew what I was getting into.”

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