Every once in a while, I come across a tale of the rescue of an animal that leaves me speechless. The tale of Oliviero is one example of this kind. Note that this article contains some graphic photos that may be upsetting to some readers or viewers. Thank you for your understanding.

Two ladies went out for a stroll in Messina, which is located in the southern region of Italy when they came upon a garbage bag that was laying in a dry river. They heard whimpers coming from the bag, so they decided to explore the source of the sounds. They were taken aback and terrified by what they discovered.

The dog was found thrown near the Terme Vigliatore river after having been tied with an electrical cord, put in a rubbish bag, and then discarded. The horrifying sight was compounded by the presence of a decaying loss calf that was lying nearby.

After someone contacted for assistance, a volunteer with an animal rescue organization named Linda Li arrived at the site. She saw that the young canine was still experiencing significant difficulties. He remained in a state of shock and dehydration despite the fact that his body was covered with hundreds of ticks and fly larvae.

Linda said that the insects were “eating him alive” while he was still alive. His rescuers gave him water before immediately placing him into a car and driving him to a veterinarian as quickly as they could.

Oliviero was so relieved to have been rescued that he would wag his tail whenever he was paid attention to. Oliviero had his rear legs examined by veterinarians, and they discovered that owing to some unexplained incident, Oliviero was paralyzed in those legs.

Oliveira has been living happily with Dominique Mastroianni for the last year already, which marks one year after he was rescued.

He is having a good time adjusting to his brand-new existence. Oliveira has one or more canine siblings with whom he may interact and play, and he loves spending time in close quarters with his brand-new mother and father.

When one looks at him in his present state, it is difficult to realize that he was so close to passing away.

Oliveira has progressed a great deal. He really did have an incredible drive to live.

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