Pity poor Zuky; he was trapped in a fetid room that smelled of ammonia, and there was pee and excrement all around him. She was dirty, her fur was matted to an extreme degree, and she was very underweight.

When we first opened the door, according to a rescuer with Humane Society International named Felipe Marquez, three of them ran to me in an attempt to exit the room as soon as we entered it. When we first opened the door.

When they first approached Zuky, she displayed a significant amount of terror and fear. As soon as they raised her, she experienced an almost instantaneous improvement in her sense of ease and comfort. She also loved being held in their arms and feeling a sense of protection that she had never had before. This was something she had never done before.

The miraculous makeover of Zuky was immediately put into motion by the rescue team as soon as she was rescued. She not only received the required medical treatment, but she also got a wash and a haircut while she was in the hospital.

By looking at her now, you would never think that she was the same dog that had been living in that filthy house. You just would not be able to tell the difference.

She was ultimately able to locate a kind family that took her in as a member and is now providing her with the love and attention that she has always deserved.

By Anna

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