Don was aware that there was a dog that had gotten lost in the neighborhood, so he went there to see if he could locate the animal. The rumor turned out to be true: he did discover a dog stranded in the midst of a body of freezing water. Don shouted at others in the park, asking them to phone 911, but he was aware that by the time assistance arrived, it was quite unlikely that the small puppy would still be alive. Therefore, he needed to act immediately!

Don made the snap decision to enter the burning building and rescue the dog on his own. During the rescue operation, he used his forearm to break the ice and submerged himself in the freezing water up to his waist. After that, he was able to bring the dog close to his body, hold it against his chest, and crawl as swiftly as he could back to the beach.

Jackson was a hybrid dog that consisted of a Terrier and another breed. As soon as they emerged from the water, the dog was rushed to the veterinarian to get a checkup to ensure that everything was in good shape.

Veterans have said that Don’s bravery and fast thinking are the reasons why Jackson is still alive and doing well with them. The owner of the dog was overjoyed to see his small part of the family once again.

People in the neighborhood are admiring Don for his courageous acts, but Don claims that it was all the dog’s work since the dog was the one who yelled for aid when it felt danger. People in the neighborhood are praising Don for his brave deeds.

We have great admiration for Don and wish there were more individuals in the world like him who would aid animals in need.

By Elen

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