A lady in Houston, Texas, was returning home from work not so long ago when she came across something that broke her heart. Two stray canines had been seen making a home for themselves in the midst of the heaps of rubbish and used mattresses.

The kind Samaritan contacted a local rescue organization as soon as possible and asked for their assistance; however, when the rescue workers came, there were many more canines than they had anticipated.

According to statements made by Sylvia Lopez, a member of Houston Dog Outreach Guardians, to The Dodo, “We went the following day to inspect and install traps since they did not trust us.” We were able to immediately catch the mother dog, and while we were doing so, we also caught a young female dog who we assume to be the mother dog’s daughter from a prior litter.

However, following more study, Lopez immediately noticed that the mother dog and her newborn pup weren’t the only puppies that need assistance. It was a family unit that was waiting for assistance, consisting of a mother, father, three daughters, and a grandmother.

Lopez said, “We were able to catch up to Grandma, but she eventually became exhausted from running and gave up.” “Because she was so worn out, she decided not to put up much of a fight.”

After spending the whole day attempting to capture one-half of the canine family, the rescue crew ultimately decided to lay traps for the night. By the time Monday morning rolled around, things were beginning to look brighter.

Lopez said, “At five in the morning, I got up to check the traps, and happily, both Daddy and the dog were securely caught.”

But there was still one more dog that needed to be saved, and Lopez left one trap behind while he got the rest of the family to safety so that he could focus on rescuing the youngest daughter.

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