When Officer Patrick Hennesy was on his way home from his duty at 4:30 in the morning, it is easy to believe that he wanted nothing more than to go home and also get into bed.

However, a good officer is always on top of things when duty calls. Therefore, when he saw two pit bulls sitting in the road, he decided to pull over in order to investigate what was going on.

The dogs were snuggled up against one other and did not run away when they were approached. When the officer arrived at the scene, he spotted blood on the ground. When backup arrived, they investigated the blood stain and determined that it originated from one of the strays. They suspected that the unfortunate creature had been run over by a vehicle, so they sent a rescue request and waited for it to come.

In the meanwhile, they did all in their power to make the pit bulls more comfortable, and they knew that their persistence and hard work will pay off in the end! Pet Services arrived, and finally, the two dogs were transferred to the shelter where they were given the names Liberty and Justice. The puppies are doing much better now, and the cops who were responsible for their rescue even went to check on them recently to see how they are doing! Have a soft spot for tales such as this.

By Anna

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