A young brown dog desperately searched for a safe haven while wandering the streets in Bali, Indonesia. She found a hole that was just large enough for her to fit through, and she proceeded to do so. It was the opening of a drain pipe located on the shoulder of a heavily used road.

The dog, who was eventually given the name Charlie, was hoping that she would be seen by someone. Unfortunately, the improvised house she had chosen was not helping her situation in any way. The majority of automobiles were traveling at a speed that prevented their drivers from seeing Charlie’s brown eyes peering out from behind the curb.

However, her good fortune didn’t last long.

“I was working from home, and my partner was leaving our neighborhood on his way to the gym when he noticed her,” Charlie’s mother, Aubrey V. Lynn, told The Dodo. “He immediately knew who she was.” “He continued driving by her and realized that he couldn’t simply leave her, so he circled around and sent me a message,” she said.

Lynn was moved to tears by their predicament of Charlie, and although she was sorry that the puppy was all by himself, she was also willing to provide a helping hand.

Because Lynn and her boyfriend did not want the puppy to go out into traffic by mistake, they were aware that the rescue operation needed to be carried out with caution.

Lynn said that they both felt really nervous due to the fact that she would sometimes emerge from the hole. “However, she wouldn’t allow us to approach near enough to her so that we could capture her.”

The two individuals then made their way to a nearby pet shop, where they purchased dog food in the vain hope that it might encourage Charlie to emerge from the sewer. After that, they had to wait. The puppy remained immobile for more than a day and a half.

Lynn shared her experience, saying, “We sat there for hours attempting to get her.” “She refused to leave the building, so we decided to go. As we were getting back on our scooter to leave, she came running up to us.”

The dog, which had been acting so aloof, became much calmer almost as fast as if it had been instantaneously comforted by a loving touch.

Lynn said that the woman became quiet almost instantly and made no attempt to flee.

Lynn and her companion brought Charlie to her apartment. They hadn’t planned on getting a puppy, but it didn’t take long before they understood how much they cared for one other.

“While we were attempting to save her, we never discussed it since our concentration was simply on getting her to safety,” Lynn recalled, “but I believe the two of us realized at that moment that she was a member of our family now.”

Charlie had little trouble adapting, despite the fact that she hadn’t spent much time in the company of other people or in the protection of a home. It was almost as though she knew she had arrived at her destination.

“Charlie adapted pretty nicely,” Lynn remarked. “After giving her some time to rest and feed without fear, we went to sit with her for the first time. At first, she was shy, but she warmed up to us very fast.” It was so endearing how plainly obvious it was that all she wanted was to be loved.

Lynn and her boyfriend can’t help but be amazed at how well Charlie fits into their lives as they run about with Charlie in their yard and play games of fetch. This family of two had no idea that they would soon be a family of three until it happened unexpectedly.

By Anna

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