Peta Murgatroyd and Maks Chmerkovskiy are expecting a child together for the second time.

They are expecting their second child together. The happy announcement was made after the pair disclosed that they had had three miscarriages and after Murgatroyd had spent many months detailing her challenging reproductive journey on social media.

The 36-year-old woman tells PEOPLE that the pregnancy was unplanned and completely natural. “I had no idea I was pregnant for such a long time until I started experiencing severe morning sickness. I used it to dance through the whole of Dancing with the Stars. I began having some strange feelings, like being a little queasy and bloated, and I didn’t want to take a pregnancy test for many weeks after that.”

The creator of Peta Jane Beauty was taken aback by the findings of the pregnancy test when she eventually took it around the “six or seven-week” mark of her attempt to conceive.

“I believe it was the quickest positive I’ve ever seen in my life,” adds Murgatroyd, who is about 18 weeks pregnant at this point. “I think it was the fastest positive I’ve ever seen in my life.” “It simply happened to me so suddenly, and I was taken aback by it. My last pregnancy was nothing like this one. I’ve never experienced anything like it. I didn’t exactly go around yelling “Oh my God, I’m pregnant!” and jumping for delight when I found out I was expecting a child. Yay!’ It was more of an attitude of, “Okay, now let’s see what happens since I’ve gone through this four previous times, and it hasn’t worked,” than anything else. Therefore, I had a lot of doubts. I didn’t even inform Maks for quite some time after that.”

The couple candidly discussed their struggle with infertility during an interview with PEOPLE that took place back in June. Murgatroyd also said that their son Shai, who is 5 years old, often inquired about the possibility of having a sibling.

She confessed at the time that “it was a lot some days” (sometimes). “Extremely emotional since I was at a loss for what to say to him anymore. I told him three times, but each time I was vague about the details. I didn’t get into this entire “Oh my God, we’re having a kid” thing when we found out we were going to have a child. I only cautioned you to be cautious around your mother’s stomach. She is carrying a child at this time.'”

“I believe that’s been another very challenging aspect of it because he sees other kids with siblings,” Murgatroyd revealed. “He’s the only child in his class without a brother.”

The two-time winner of the mirror ball competition revealed to PEOPLE that she is aware of the gender of her unborn child, but she is unsure whether or not she will reveal it in the near future.

Murgatroyd, who is expecting in the month of June, exclaims, “I can’t wait!” “I have a need to be aware of such things.”

Murgatroyd is thrilled to finally be through the first trimester of her pregnancy and ready to flaunt her growing baby belly to the world.

Murgatroyd expresses his excitement by stating, “It’s going to be so fantastic that I can simply walk about and not wear baggy clothing anymore.” “I am able to post photos of my whole body on social media platforms. I have been working my way up from the bottom to the top.”

She is also having a nice time indulging in her desires, which consist of quite a few carbohydrate-filled and salty treats.

Murgatroyd states, “I have a strong want for salt.” “Everything has a delicious flavor. I just don’t have the appetite for ice cream. I don’t feel like cookies right now. I mean, all of it can end up being different. I simply want some bread, spaghetti, rice, and all the other delicious foods in the world.”

They aren’t the only ones in the family with joyful baby news this week, as Maks’ brother Val Chmerkovskiy and wife Jenna Johnson, both in their twenties, had their first child on January 10. Maks and Jenna are the only ones in their twenties.

“It is just a joy at the end of the year for my family,” she adds, adding that her son Shai is “over the moon” at the good news. “It is just a blessing at the end of the year for my family.” “Everything has happened so quickly recently. The greatest benefit that could ever come to us.”

After a challenging year in which she was trying to start a family, the woman who is about to become a mother of two is relieved and appreciative that her efforts have been rewarded with a successful pregnancy.

“It’s really weird because I was at a point where I had completely given up on [the chance of becoming pregnant], yet I was genuinely praying to the gods about this situation. I was on the verge of calling it. I had phoned the IVF doctor to start my second round of treatment, but I let the appointment slip through my fingers. As in, “If I’m a one-time parent, if I have one kid for the rest of my life, I have to be satisfied with it,” I thought to myself at the time.”

She says, “I think that was also a catalyst for me, for my body, my mind, and my soul to let it go and to move on and do not have this harboring feeling inside of me that I needed more.” “I think that was also a catalyst for me, for my body and my mind and my soul to let it go and to move on and to not have this harbor “And to just express gratitude for all that I already own.”

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