Residents of Beykoz, Turkey, contacted the police when they found a dog entombed in a narrow borehole in their neighborhood. It was said that the puppy had been there for about a week at that point. Now that he is free, he is also protected. No one can explain how the dog was able to descend all the way into the well.

The hole was around 61 meters (200 feet) in diameter and reached depths of up to 200 feet.

They needed to devise a plan for removing the puppy from the pack in order to achieve their goal. They couldn’t simply put someone in there since the hole was too tiny. They were successful in protecting the puppy from the outside elements by constructing a pneumatic climate tent equipped with a heating system.

He was able to have some food and water sent down to him by the animal rescue group and the firemen. The news of the event was reported all throughout the country. Teams labored tirelessly for ten days in order to free the dog.

Berat Albayrak, the country’s Minister of Energy, reached out to a mining business to request assistance. The business was able to pull the puppy out of the hole using a mechanical lasso that was lowered down into the hole.

When the puppy was eventually taken out of the box, there were a lot of cameras present at the crime scene. It was a moment of success, and the people working in animal rescue and firefighting all rejoiced and applauded.

By Anna

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