Dogs When they were rescued from the streets of Denton, Texas, by a group of volunteers a year ago, Babs and Bart seemed to be no different from any other pair of strays. However, the two creatures quickly realized that they had a very special connection with one another. When Babs was discovered, she had advanced glaucoma in both of her eyes, and veterinary professionals were able to preserve her. It was determined that she would be completely blind after having both of her eyes removed since she was in a great deal of agony.

After that, the dogs were each put in their own independent foster homes; nevertheless, the dogs’ caretakers quickly became aware of a problem:

They both completely lost their ability to operate. One of the foster parents recommended bringing all of the dogs together over the phone with the other foster parent. When they were reunited, it was as if by some kind of miracle, their magnificent personalities resurfaced.

They were able to see that the two dogs have a close relationship, and as they saw how the dogs interacted with one another, they had an incredible insight. According to Laura Cherry, who acted as the family’s foster mother, Bart was Babs’ guide dog. Bart is Babs’s ally and she follows him wherever we go thanks to his guidance. In most situations, she mimics his behavior by looking, listening, and following closely behind him while sniffing. She has exceptional senses, as shown by the fact that she will enter the car at the exact same time as he does, pick up the tennis ball from exactly where he drops it, etc.

Both of them were put up for adoption together as a result of this circumstance as well as the fact that Bart is now very protective of Babs. It was difficult to locate them a decent home because of the unique issues that the two present, despite the fact that their Facebook postings on the DFW Rescue Me page became popular on Facebook (not everyone can care for two large dogs, let alone one of them being blind).

In June, though, Cherry received a phone call informing her that a home had been discovered. Jay, who is now the biological father of his children, went all the way from Montana to Texas so that he could finally meet his new family. It was instantly obvious that the two would have a positive dynamic together. After everything that they have gone through, these great buddies have at long last found a place that they can call their permanent home.

By Elen

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