Meet Lila, an Australian Shepherd puppy that was found lounging on a porch in La Porte, Texas, which is a neighborhood of the Greater Houston Area. Lila was found not too long ago.

According to the people in the neighborhood, the stray dog was wandering about when she took the choice to look for somewhere to rest. She was able to locate a wonderfully nice porch that was in the shade, and once she did, she promptly made herself at home, laid her head on the welcome mat, and went to sleep.

The owners saw her outdoors and gave her something to eat and drink once they saw her there. She misunderstood it as an offer to remain at the house permanently and stayed to wait for aid on the porch after receiving it.

Even after many hours had passed, the puppy refused to move from his position on the porch. Because they were unable to allow her into their home and did not want her to go lost, the family made the decision to ask for aid from the rescue group known as This Is Houston.

The animal shelter shared a photo of Lila along with the following message on Facebook:

“Yesterday, this dog was discovered on the driveway of a residence in La Porte. After they had fed her on their porch, she refused to leave their property. Because they were unable to provide her with shelter, they hoped beyond hope that she wouldn’t go while they looked for help.

“We have no clue what she was thinking as she glanced through the window, but we are glad that she was able to find a family who would assist her. We are thankful that she was able to find a family who would help her. Because one of our foster moms was unable to stomach the thought of her continuing to sleep on the porch, she went out and picked her up last night and took her inside where she was secure.

She is a very young infant, about 4 to 5 months old, and there is little doubt that she suffers from demodex mange. Today, she is spending the day soundly napping inside, but tomorrow, she has an appointment with a veterinarian. The health of this baby will be swiftly restored by us.

This is Houston was able to determine that the person who came to the house to save the dog was a person named Kourtney Crenshaw. When Lila first saw Crenshaw, she gave off the impression that she was overjoyed.

When I first came, she was a bit hesitant of me, but when she had a chance to smell me, she let me touch her and began licking my face. After that, she was completely at ease with me. Crenshaw provided the following information in an interview with the Dodo: “She wouldn’t go on a leash, so I just scooped her up and put her in my vehicle, and we continued home.”

She said, “She must have been prepared for rescue because even though she was afraid, it was fairly easy to earn her trust and get her to safety.” Despite the fact that she was terrified, it was extremely simple to win her trust and get her to safety.

Shortly after that, Lila had an appointment with the veterinarian, where she was inspected. The skin condition known as demodex mange, which was brought on by the presence of tiny parasitic mites, was the reason for her hair loss and sensitive skin. Antibiotics and medicinal treatments are being administered to her as part of the treatment plan in the hopes of restoring her health.

She lives in a warm and inviting home and enjoys eating delectable meals. Crenshaw is doing every effort to see that Lila makes a speedy recovery so that she may go back to the business of looking for a place to call her own permanently.

Crenshaw believes that she has acclimated quite well to her new surroundings. “She appreciates it when people stroke her back and tummy, but the thing that brings her the most delight is eating. Crenshaw said that after she is in better health and has had the opportunity to relax a little bit, she will be made available for adoption.

If you are interested in adopting Lila, you may do so via the This Is Houston website, where you can also submit an application.

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