Dogs are undeniably one of the most wonderful aspects of living a human life. They don’t care about a person’s personality or how they seem; they’re simply there to have fun. However, sometimes individuals notice more than an animal’s beauty and are unable to pick a four-legged buddy based just on their physical attractiveness. Thankfully, there are some individuals that evaluate canines based on their personalities rather than their physical appearance. When they ran across Brody, Amanda Richter and her boyfriend Brad Ames were engaged in precisely that activity when they made his acquaintance.

Brody is a mixed breed dog consisting of German Shepherd and Border Collie. When he was only 13 days old, his mother attacked him. As a consequence of a dog attack, Brody suffers from half blindness as a result of the puppy’s damaged face. However, when Richter and Ames saw the cute puppy, they immediately fell in love with one another.

This puppy with the crooked face has at long last found his everlasting home!

When Brodie’s future parents went to the Old MacDonald Kennels dog shelter in Alberta, Canada, they saw this gorgeous puppy and knew right away that he was meant to be a part of their family. As soon as they saw him, they decided to give him a home. They don’t give a hoot about his peculiar characteristics.

The eccentric dog’s brand-new owners created a whole Instagram account for the sole purpose of documenting the activities of their new pet. In some of the videos, he can be seen having a good time with a ball, while in others, he is seen getting his head scratched in a happy mood. It is very evident that he does not feel self-conscious about his looks. After receiving requests from their audience, Brodie’s owners responded by posting a photo of the canine accompanied by the text “Brodie as a puppy.”

Many of you have inquired about Brodie’s looks when he was a puppy, so here it is. We are grateful that his former family got in contact with us and shared pictures of their adorable little son or daughter.

There was a time in Brody’s life when someone else adopted him before Amanda Richter and Brad Ames brought him into their family. had to be taken back to the dog sanctuary where it had been adopted.

As soon as pictures of Brodie went viral and fans rushed to his social media profile, the dog’s owners were quick to express their gratitude to everyone and to encourage others to adopt animals like Brodie:

“It’s not hard to figure out why everyone enjoys this little ham to the same extent as we do, haha. All of this attention, and particularly for the animals who have been described as “less than perfect,” should motivate more individuals to adopt and rescue dogs. They are just as worthy of our devotion as anybody else might be. I am grateful for all of the support. Please lend a hand to the local animal shelters and rescue organizations, men!

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