We need more strong and gorgeous women like her in our world. She is an inspiration. Keep up the amazing job, and my best wishes are for your continued safety.

Paulina, a young veterinarian, has remained in the area from the beginning of the conflict in order to help with the care of animals who are in need.

She never stops assisting the helpless individuals who are in need of her assistance. She has had up to seventy animals residing in her flat at any one time since she turned her home into a makeshift animal hospital.

There are a great number of creatures who seek her assistance. She performs emergency operations on the people who need them in her living room, and she offers a space for the others to relax and be secure while they wait for more assistance to come.

Paulina is in communication with a rescue organization based in Poland that makes frequent trips to Ukraine in order to remove some of the animals from her care. When the time comes for her to depart, they will unquestionably provide a hand in locating a place for her to stay in Poland.

You really are a hero, but… who put yourself in harm’s way to help those who have the greatest need for her assistance!

We really feel terrible for all of the individuals and their beloved dogs, who are also part of their families, who are suffering through this.

Many, many thanks for your assistance with these priceless animals!

God reveres each one of you, keeps watch over you, and ensures that you are safe and well in his care. I pray that God will bless you for caring for these creatures.

By Anna

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