Brindle is a good-natured canine that loves his master and mistress more than anything else in the whole world. When Brindle was a young puppy, JD and Rachel Aument took it upon themselves to save the dog from an animal shelter. The dog was overjoyed to finally have a place to call his own.

Brindle fell head over heels in love with his new house almost immediately. In addition to this, he developed a close friendship with his brother, Xander, quite soon.

Rachel claims that Xander is the one who is closest to her, whilst Brindle is the one who is closer to JD.

JD serves in the firefighting unit of the army reserve. Everyone in the family was saddened by the fact that he had to be sent to another country. On the other hand, Brindle was the one most impacted by this alteration.

Brindle suffered much because he was separated from his father. After sitting for a while and gazing out the front window for some time, he eventually began weeping. Rachel informed JD about Brindle, so he thought of a method to express his concern and support for his animal companion at the same time.

JD was kind enough to provide the canines with an old, soiled shirt that had never been laundered. Brindle quickly recognized JD’s aroma upon receiving the garment from Rachel the moment she handed it to them.

Brindle wiggled his tail and rubbed his body on the shirt as he interacted with his owner. In addition to that, he rolled on it and cuddled up with it. Rachel claims that it was a really moving experience to see it.

Rachel had a sense of solace as a result of being able to see the dog’s joy once again. Rachel even took a recording of Brindle at the moment expressing her excitement for JD’s outfit.

After that day, Brindle was never seen wearing anything other than JD’s shirt. It was always on his person wherever he went.

He would even wear it, sleep down with it, and rub his body all over it. He even wore it himself. He was unmistakably back to being himself after donning the garment, which had a reassuring effect on him.

Thankfully, JD arrived back at his house not long after that. Everyone in the family was thrilled, but notably, Brindle, who did not move from JD’s side the whole time.

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