After being found in a state of extreme malnutrition, a dog that was just “hours away from loss” when it was discovered has found a new, loving home with the veterinary nurse who supported in his recovery. After the loss of their elderly owner, various animals, including two additional dogs, were discovered at the residence where they had been kept, including Seb.

After the animals were given over to the organization for care, Ruth Thomas-Coxon, an animal rescue officer (ARO) with the RSPCA, was sent out to fetch them.

As a result of Seb’s owner’s carelessness, his fur was a knotted mess.

Seb was brought back to health by Burn, who is a veterinarian at Stanhope Park Vets in Darlington.

She made the decision to adopt him when she found herself falling in love with him.

When we pulled Seb onto the examining table at the veterinarian’s office, there was nothing on him, said Nicole, who is 28 years old.

Nicole shed some light on the situation by stating, “When I first met Seb, he was in a dreadful position, and we feared he was hours away from loss.”

It was necessary to remove his matted fur while he was under anesthesia due to the terrible starvation he had suffered. However, everyone was startled to realize that his spine and bones were visible through his skin.

When Seb went to the emergency room, he weighed 12.2 kilos; however, after two months, he gained weight and reached a weight that was 19.9 kilograms, which was a healthy weight for him. As Nicole looked after Seb, she formed a rapid affection for him as a result of her caregiving. She jumped at the chance to adopt him as soon as it was possible to do so, which was when the time had come.

He is such a sweet and cheerful little child. I formed an instant connection with him, and ever since then, he is seldom more than a few steps away from me. He has gone through some challenging situations, but despite this, he is very happy and cheerful, and he comes to work with me every day; he is the ideal match for my life. Because I was raised with rough-haired collies, I have a strong familiarity with the breed.

Cancel out Cruelty is a fundraising project organized by the RSPCA that is assisting other animals much like Seb. The group conducts investigations into around 6,000 incidences of purposeful animal cruelty each month and gets approximately 90,000 calls to its cruelty line during the same time period.

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