At shelters, rescue organizations, and foster homes all around the globe, there are a great number of worthy dogs that are waiting for their forever families to adopt them. Unfortunately, some people never find a location that they can call their own. One of these dogs, whose name was Villalobos, was very certainly going to spend the whole of her life at the rescue facility that Tia Torres and her lovely family ran in Villalobos.

The Torres family’s senior canine, Summer, has been a member of Villalobos for the longest amount of time compared to any other canine now housed there. Tia has almost completely given up hope that Summer would one day have ever before her happily ever after. The Torres family has given the adorable dog all the love and attention that she deserves by making every effort to meet her needs and accommodating her requests as best they can.

According to Tia, “She and my kids literally grew up together.” [Case in point] This is the length of time that Summer has really been in effect at Villalobos. Summer has been a resident of the rescue institution ever since she was 8 weeks old. She is now well into her senior year. Tia’s compassion is tested by the fact that the beautiful girl has never been offered a home by anybody.

She is still present despite the fact that she has done nothing to merit it. She was disregarded,” Tia asserts in the video that can be seen here. Now that she is older, Summer is starting to show signs of it physically. She suffers from severe arthritis; in fact, the condition is so severe that her legs are twisted in an unnatural way. She moves a little more slowly than others. But on the inside, she is a joyful and contented dog.

Because the Torres family does not have the compassion to turn any kind of dog away from the rescue center, the facility is home to a large number of canine inhabitants. Tia and her family do their best to pay attention to the requirements of prospective adopters when they come in searching for the ideal companion animal. In addition, each member of the family is responsible for learning about the other members’ homes and making acceptable placements.

They are often presented with a selection of different dogs from which to choose. The families will next meet the “candidates,” after which they will choose the one who most closely matches their needs. In spite of the fact that prospective parents considered her several times, Summer was never picked for adoption.

Then, as if by some miracle, an application arrived that was just for Summer. When the prospective adoptive, Eileen, saw Summer’s picture on the Villalobos senior page, she had an instantaneous gut feeling that Summer was meant to be with her. The Torres family could hardly contain their excitement in anticipation of Eileen’s arrival so she could meet the worthy puppy.

At the center, Summer takes a leisurely stroll into the void, and the effects of her advanced age are plain to see. However, this doesn’t discourage Eileen. To better communicate with Summer, she squats down to her level on the floor.

The dog days of summer have begun to arrive. It is the most delightful sight to take in! Because of Summer’s old age and the state of her health, the Torres family is always honest and forthright with all of the adopters, and they express the fact that they are unsure whether or not she will live for a whole year. Would Eileen be put off by this in any way?

Eileen’s argument boils down to the following: “She needs us.”

After that, Eileen notes that if she did not adopt Summer and later discovered that she had passed away while still at the center and had never had the opportunity to be in a family, it would be something that would absolutely crush her heart. The next move was an obvious one for Eileen to make.

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