Bindi Irwin’s “Dirty Dancing” performance is a fantastic tribute to Patrick Swayze, who starred in the film. Bindi Irwin did a dance from the movie “Dirty Dancing” while competing on “Dancing with the Stars.”

Did you know that Bindi Irwin, who is famous for being the Crocodile Hunter’s daughter, is also a talented dancer? If not, you should find out more about her.

Her audience was blown away by the stunning tribute she paid to Patrick Swayze in the form of a Dirty Dancing routine.

She and Derek Hough collaborated on this dance as it was being performed.

When the audience heard the renowned song being played, they went absolutely wild! The movie was recently redone for broadcast on television.

The devoted fans of Dirty Dancing did not take well to this development. They did, however, express their admiration for Bindi’s performance.

She was unbeatable on the 2015 season of Dancing with the Stars owing in large part to her performance as well as many other impressive ones.

Watch the video below to see them go through some rehearsals for their performance. Do you remember the scene by the lake? It looked like there was no way around the elevator.

Jennifer Grey materializes out of nowhere! It’s clear that Bindi has a thing for stars. When one of the actors from the old movie was present, the stakes were much higher.

It is possible to observe Bindi and Derek trying something and failing repeatedly. However, these two have it covered completely. They put forth a significant amount of effort to ensure that they were ready for that moment, and it was successful.

Bindi is dressed appropriately for the occasion. Her costume has a striking resemblance to the one that Jennifer Grey wore in the movie.

Even her hair is done in a way that is quite reminiscent of the 1980s.

The video demonstrates clearly how happy they were. These two individuals are undeniably avid moviegoers. The performance begins in earnest. As a group, the audience members clap along with the music and dance together.

The duo can sense their support as they perfectly perform each and every gesture, which is helping them achieve their goal. The final result left the crowd in utter shock.

The two people have put in a lot of effort, and it should pay off for them.

If Patrick Swayze were around to see it, I have no doubt that he would be happy.

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