The New Orleans Fire Department discovered the slain cat near the scene of a residential building fire that had begun on Wednesday at about noon. The fire had started in the structure.

They employed an oxygen mask that was designed specifically for animals in order to revive the unlucky individual.
The local authorities were able to safely remove fifteen residents of the building, and there were no reported injuries as a result of the incident.

However, two kittens who were trapped inside one of the apartments battled mightily due to smoke inhalation.

The firemen brought the cats down to a street level so that they could provide oxygen to them in an effort to save their lives.

In the video, a rescue worker can be seen petting the head of a white kitten while covering its face with an oxygen mask and speaking into its ear.

The masks are sold in a variety of sizes, and it’s possible that other kinds of animals may put them on as well.

A ginger and white cat that is unable to move is being administered oxygen as it sleeps soundly on a purple sheet.

A large number of firefighters worked on the animal’s belly and neck as oxygen was pushed into its mouth in an attempt to revive it.

One of the firefighters can be heard looking at the cat and asking, “Just how is it? Really feeling better? ”

It seems like another fireman is giving the cat a sip of water by placing a bottle of water into the hand of the animal.

Doug Cardinale, who works with the New Orleans Fire Department, speculated that the man had eight more chances to survive.

Toward the end of the video, the two cats are seen sitting next to each other in a cat carrier.

At this point in time, it is uncertain if the cats and their owner have already been able to find each other again.

According to the documents, the apartment that served as the starting point for the fire was completely destroyed and considered unfit for human occupancy.

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