Little Franny goes through her whole day with a state of heightened apprehension.

She is keeping an eye out for a tiny white truck to come around the corner since they had only just met the driver, and the chihuahua fell head over heels in love with him right away.

There have been discussions in book chapters as well as cartoons on the mutual dislike that dogs and postmen have for one another. Everyone believes that a dog, no matter how big or how tiny, has the responsibility to protect its territory from strangers. And who is he, if not a complete stranger: a guy who visits you every day with a huge bag? On the other hand, Franny is not at all like that.

After breakfast, the puppy always makes his way to the front entrance, where he places himself in the same spot in front of the glass. At the end of their road, she waits for a white pickup to come around the bend and pull into the parking lot.

When Franny first spots that certain automobile, she becomes so giddy with enthusiasm that she really shakes. Not only does she wag her tail, but she also does other things.

The Chihuahua puppy, who is just six months old, would be delighted if her owner subscribed to a daily newspaper; nevertheless, she does not look forward to receiving letters from anybody and is uninterested in receiving bills or postcards.

The dog really enjoys the postman, who is the focus of all of the attention being shown to him. Franny bumped into him on her second day at the new house, and the conversation tore her heart out completely. At first sight, it seemed as if there was love.

On that terrible day, the proprietor comforted Franny by carrying her in her arms as she walked outside to get the mail. She had a few words with Dan, the postman, after he informed her that he had seen the dog.

Is he interested in holding the newborn baby? Oh, yeah! After pulling Franny into his arms, Dan instantly modified his way of speaking as well as his manner.

The guy glared and snorted at the dog while allowing Franny to kiss his face. The dog’s name was Franny. Because of the profound impact that what had occurred had on Chihuahua, she came to the conclusion that it should continue to take place in the same manner on a daily basis.

Franny’s perspective is one of a kind, despite the fact that everyone in the area adores Dan for being the nicest postman around.

Every day, the dog sits on the sofa by the front door and waits for the delivery vehicle to come. When the truck pulls up, she quakes and lets out a piercing screech to signal to the owner that it is there and that it has arrived.

After that, a leash is placed around Franny’s neck, and the door is quickly unlocked. This enables the lady to make a break for the significant other in her life at the speed of light.

By Elen

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