Aragon, who was once a stray dog himself before being rescued, is a dog who knows a thing or two about what it means to be saved. It is thus not surprising that he can tell when an animal is in need of assistance. A short time ago, he discovered a litter of orphaned kittens while out on a stroll with his human companion.

According to Valia of the Orphan Pet and a rescuer with SCARS, “abandoned trashes of kittens are such a regular occurrence in Greece that every time we come across one, our natural response is ‘oh, no, not once more.'” “ Within the span of only one month, SCARS was able to save more than 25 abandoned kittens who had all been left in the same manner.

Aragon is a rescue dog that we took in. His mother is an active volunteer with SCARS and makes her home close to the Immitos mountain. Almost every day, she searches the mountain and finds empty cardboard boxes (sometimes with the blankets and toys still inside), but she never finds any animals.

“Kittens, puppies, rabbits, and even birds (no joke!) become the food of an eager fox within a few hours of being abandoned,” says Valia, who notes that foxes are the most prevalent predator on the slopes around Athens.

“The kittens had more success this time around. We were taking Aragon for a walk near the mountain when he started pushing us in the direction of a large number of animals that had been left there. In general, he was the one who rescued them, and he has been a wonderful foster parent ever since day one.

By Anna

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