After viewing a photo of the dog online, a lady made the decision to pay for her transportation after learning that the animal was unable to see, hear, or have one of its ears.

Abu se of animals is a horrific practice, and it’s hard for humans to comprehend how someone could inflict such pain and suffering on a defenseless creature in such a callous manner. Cats who have been shot and dogs whose mouths have been sealed shut so tightly and for such a prolonged period of time that their skin has grown around the tape are two examples of this phenomenon.

One of the puppies that had been left behind on the streets of the war-torn Lebanon was barely alive when it was found. The dog, who was five years old and tethered to a box, was blind because her eyes had been pulled out, and she was deaf because one of her ears had been completely removed. She was also ignored and neglected throughout the time that she was carrying her child.

A guy who was going down the street observed the distressed animal and knew he had to rescue her. Although it is common for dogs to be abandoned in the country, the man who saw the animal knew he had to save her.

The unknown person transported the puppy to a rescue organization in the United Kingdom called the Wild at Heart Foundation. This organization helps homeless animals find new homes. Maggie was the name bestowed to the courageous young lady by the staff members, who, upon seeing the depth of the girl’s wounds, christened her with the moniker.

Maggie was plainly unable to see, hear, or hear well since she was missing one ear. On the other hand, the results of a second test revealed that Maggie had been shot 17 times with a pellet gun.

Because Maggie was in such a sorry state, the people who helped her could have been forced to put her to sleep. However, not this gal at all. There was just something about her that was deserving of being kept.

Images of Maggie as well as details about her health were posted on various social media platforms by the Wild at Heart Foundation in the hope that someone would be moved to take her home as a pet. The moment Kasey Carlin’s mother read the story, she had the unmistakable impression that Maggie already belonged with their clan.
“After reading Maggie’s story, my mother begged that we take Maggie in as a foster child. After seeing the picture when I got home, I was convinced to give in.

Maggie had surgery to seal her eyes, and once she healed enough from that procedure, she moved into her new home with Kasey, who is 25 years old, and Maggie’s mother. The primary problem was the 1,500-kilometer gap that separated them from one another.

Maggie had her first flight on an aircraft when she relocated to a location that was several thousand kilometers away.

Kasey had been going through a rough patch mentally, but as soon as she saw Maggie at the airport, her disposition changed for the better instantly. Taking care of a puppy that had certain requirements helped Kasey forget about the issues that she was dealing with in her own life.

“I couldn’t hold back the emotions when I finally got to see her at the airport. I reached out to a few different groups that provide assistance to blind dogs in need and asked them what I should do. They gave her the advice to draw a floor plan of the home room by room. On the other hand, we sectioned off the kitchen so that she could spend her first night in the crate there. Before I brought her outdoors to use the potty, she had never even come into contact with grass.

Despite having to endure unimaginably horrible abuse and torture, Maggie adjusted well after moving into Kasey’s family.

Simply said, she is really talented. She is very vivacious and full of vitality. She breaks away from the pack and comes around to follow behind me. Despite all that she had to go through, she has never been mean to anybody and has an incredible amount of compassion. She must have been going through a lot of suffering.

Maggie had gone through a lot, but because of her kind spirit, she was able to give back in a manner that no one had ever expected she would be able to. She decided to become a therapy dog and went through the necessary training. These days, she often visits different college campuses to lift the spirits of the students there. In the course of her duties, she will ultimately go to hospitals.

“Maggie is unlike any dog I’ve ever met. It is beyond my comprehension that someone would ever want to bring misery and suffering to the life of someone who is so pure in heart and spirit. They made an effort to dampen her enthusiasm… Maggie, however, is indestructible! She is completely indestructible in every way! Not only has she struggled throughout her life, but she has also resolved to forgive those who have wronged her and to live each day to the utmost possible extent. That, in my view, is what most distinguishes Maggie from other people. She is a wonderful little angel because she is able to overcome such adversity and yet have love in her heart, to rebuild trust, and to forgive in the deepest sense possible.

When Maggie was in the shelter, there were so many people who fell in love with her that Kasey decided to create an Instagram account titled “maggiethewunderdog” so that people could follow Maggie’s adventures and see what she was up to.

Even though she was barely clinging to life, Maggie had a destiny that was far greater than that of her becoming another victim of violence. Today, not only does she rescue them, but she also saves other people.

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