Michael Caine has previous experience working in both the film industry and the marital field. They have been married for the last 49 years. His wife’s name is Shakira. Shakira is an amazing lady who saved the actor’s life and provided financial help to the actor’s family. Michael completely reworked his way of life in order to provide for them, particularly his twin grandchildren.

In 2018, Michael Caine discussed his marriage to Shakira in an open and honest manner. He recalled seeing her for the first time in a television advertisement for Brazilian coffee and instantly fell in love with her. He was certain that she was the one he was meant to spend the rest of his life with.

Soon after that, the famous person came to the conclusion that the best way to find the person featured in the advertisement was to go to Brazil the next day with a buddy. However, he would soon learn that the lady of his thoughts really lived on Fulham Road in London and was not Brazilian at all.

Michael claims that he phoned Shakira a total of eleven times before she finally consented to go on a date with him. He said, “I would have reacted” in the event that she had refused their offer. Forget it.

In 1973, the pair took the plunge and tied the knot. Michael pondered on such times in June 2019, after 46 years of marriage, and said that they were some of his best recollections. They were successful in having a child together and they named their daughter Natasha. The second child that Michael had with Patricia Haines, who was also an actress and his ex-wife, was a girl named Dominique.

When asked about his happy marriage, the actor from “Italian Job” confessed that his loyalty to his wife was one of the reasons why his marriage has lasted so long. Michael stated that he was more interested in the beautiful actress who was waiting for him at home, despite the fact that he was surrounded by other lovely females.

He said that he had never seen a more beautiful lady than his wife, and as a direct consequence of this, he had never been tempted to cheat on her. Because he was not in the greatest of health by the time he became a grandpa, his wife took up the parenting responsibilities.

In March of 2017, Michael had a major weight loss that enabled him to achieve his goal. The actor who appeared in “Get Carter” disclosed to a gossip magazine that he had reduced the amount of alcohol he consumed because he was anxious about the amount of time he had left on earth.

Because Michael was terrified of developing cancer, he was always looking for ways to protect himself from getting the disease. The celebrity adhered to a certain diet, participated in some activities, and shied away from others in order to lower the likelihood of his contracting the disease. His meals were free of salt, sugar, and gluten, but he confessed that a bacon sandwich was his downfall. His meals were healthy, but he secretly craved bacon sandwiches.

During Michael’s appearance on “The View” in 2017, presenter Joy Behar made a comment about how much healthier he looked, and Michael responded by saying that he had grandkids. He said that he had heard somewhere that having grandkids may fill a void in your heart that you weren’t even aware you had.

Michael said that he dropped 30 pounds so that he could be there for his grandkids as they grew older. When he looked in the mirror, he saw that he was overweight and decided then and then that he would start taking better care of himself in order to ensure that he would be around to see the growth of his grandkids. The actor had twin grandchildren who were six years old and a grandson who was seven years old at the time, and he planned to live long enough to see his youngest grandchild become a teenager.

Michael became a grandpa for the very first time in 2008 when his granddaughter Taylor was born into the world. The new role of fatherhood brought the actor incomparable delight. It wasn’t until the granddaughter was six months old that dad started letting her sit on his knee as they watched football together. The celebrity added that they would watch Sky Sports together, and he liked taking care of him.

Michael was proud to gloat about how well he had cared for Taylor, including feeding him, carrying him around the house in his stroller, and escorting him around the house in his playpen. He had a good relationship with the child and loved being in the same company as him.

The person who married Shakira said that he treasured their family since he believed it to be the best possible social unit. He referred to himself as a “great dad” and said that he was one because he never spoiled his children, always put their needs before his own, and was there for them whenever they needed him. The actor said that the only parts he would take on as a performer were those that would allow him to provide for his family and travel with them.

The fact that Michael is a decent husband, father, and grandpa brings him a great deal of happiness, but he credits his wife with his good fortune since she kept him from making judgments that were detrimental to his family. The well-known individual said that Shakira has a “steadying influence” on him personally and professionally.

Michael praised Shakira for pulling him away from his destructive habits and saving him. He stated that if his wife hadn’t been there, he would have died away a long time ago since he smoked packs of cigarettes and drank a bottle of vodka every day. If she hadn’t been there, he would have smoked packs of cigarettes and drunk a bottle of vodka every day. The actor from “The Dark Knight” asserts that:

“Shakira is a devout Muslim who chooses not to partake in alcoholic beverages. Not only did she change me, but she also ended up saving my life. We are never apart from one another.”

Despite the fact that they had been together for a number of years, Michael continued to think that she was the most beautiful woman alive, in addition to being kind and caring. He said that she was a great Indian wife who prepared excellent Italian food; he thought there was no way it could be much better!

Michael said that they were happy with each other’s company and that they did not need the assistance of anybody other than their own family.

After falling in love with Shakira in just eight minutes, but it took her two hours to experience the same feelings, she helped him get clean and gave him a purpose in life.

The couple spends very little time apart, whether they are at their apartment in Chelsea or in the country property in Surrey that they own together. They continue to adore one another and, in addition, they are devoted to caring for their grandkids.

Michael said that their happiness does not depend on anything or anybody other than their family and that they do not need anything else. He was aware, in addition to the fact that his wife had a flaw, that everyone had a dark side.

The actor is certain that his family will continue to assist him and will not place him in a nursing home if they had the option. He confessed that if given the choice, all of his family members would choose to live with him.

In November 2022, Michael demonstrated to his wife, who was 75 at the time, what it looked like for them to have been married for 49 years. It seemed as if the pair was very much in love when they were spotted leaving Harry’s Bar in the middle of London on what appeared to be a date night. Harry’s Bar is located in the centre of London.

They seemed to be in excellent spirits throughout their excursion, making it quite clear that despite the fact that they are nearing 50, they are a very happy pair.

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