“The link between dogs and their owners is one of the strongest you’ll ever find.” Even science confirms that these dogs can develop close relationships with their owners that are comparable to those between a mother and her child.

Losing a dog is therefore among the most difficult experiences a dog owner can have. Their lives are left with a hole that they might never be able to close.
Unfortunately, due to a dog’s lifespan of between 10 and 13 years, the majority of dog owners will eventually have to deal with this. The good news is that several canine breeds, like the Sussex spaniel, Finnish spitz, and Croatian sheepdog, can live longer.

Madison Palm, a dog owner, enjoys traveling with her therapy dog Cora, age 8, so it wasn’t unusual for Cora to accompany her on a vacation from their home in Idaho to Alaska.

Cora approached a stranger seated a few seats away while Palm and Cora were at the Seattle airport. Palm was accustomed to this because Cora was generally a friendly person.

She quickly realized, though, that Cora’s gesture this time was unique.

Palm, not wanting to annoy him, enquired as to his opinion of Cora’s gesture. He explained that his dog had gone missing the previous evening.

Palm was astounded by her dog’s talent. How was it able to recognize that this man required emotional support?

The experience only served to emphasize how unique her pup was. Cora approached a guy who was sobbing, and the dog stayed to console him.

Palm said that even though she had always known Cora could sense when someone needed assistance, the dog never failed to surprise her.

Dogs are quite unique. And that’s not just because they are naturally excellent; they may also be educated to display particular talents!

If you own a dog, there’s no doubt you’ve had your fair share of fascination with your animal companion. That’s your cue to use your dog today to teach you something!
Stories like Cora’s serve as a reminder of how crucial it is.

By Anna

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