The love that a dog gives without condition is a powerful force. A stray puppy that was taken in when it was only 8 months old and then adopted has just reached the age of 20.

A guy called John Unger from the state of Wisconsin in the United States has been providing care for a stray dog named Schoep. He became older, but his condition didn’t seem to be improving at all. His owner, Unger, was getting ready for what was going to happen anyhow.

John and Schoep have been together for the last 19 years when we first meet them. Unger just learned that his dog was paralyzed due to severe arthritis that he had been suffering from for quite some time. When the veterinarian proposed euthanizing the dog, it broke John’s heart, but in order to save Schoep, he chose not to comply with the recommendation.

During the last few years of his life, John did all he could to take care of Schoep, hugging him and refusing to let go of him even as his own health declined. John stayed at his side at all times, never leaving his side.

In an effort to reduce the discomfort in his joints, Unger started floating Schoep. Floating in water is beneficial for Schoep because it reduces the amount of pressure that is placed on his joints and muscles. Because the sound of the running water was so calming, Schoep would sometimes doze off while being held by his owner. This touching picture of John cuddling up with his dog Schoep was captured by John’s buddy Hannah.

“Whenever he went into the water, he would just place his paws on my shoulders and demand to be carried,” recalled Unger. “He wouldn’t swim.” “All of a sudden, he fell asleep one of these times,” and ever since then, we’ve been doing it on a regular basis.

On the other side, Schoep passed away in the year 2013. When John first encountered Schoep, he was in the midst of a difficult period. John had made a commitment to take care of him and show him kindness, both of which he finally carried out.

Even when Schoep was going through some rough patches in his life, John never stopped taking care of him and making an effort to assist him stay alive. He insisted on being by his side at all of the happiest moments of Schoep’s life.

By Elen

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