In the midst of the continuing conflict within the family, Luis “Louie” Ruelas is speaking out about his first thoughts towards his brother-in-law Joe Gorga.

Luis, 47, said that when he was meeting the brother of his now-wife, Teresa Giudice, there were “no problems at all.” This was mentioned in a teaser for the episode of the Namaste B$tches podcast that will air on Wednesday on PodcastOne.

According to Page Six, Luis stated the following about the Real Housewives of New Jersey star: “I met Joe via happenstance with Teresa, and it was really humble and settling.”

He said, “When I first met Joe, I would even say that within the first ten minutes of our chat, both of us got incredibly vulnerable.”

A television celebrity recalls the two of them having a conversation “about my career as a guy, getting through issues, and anything else like that, you just like open up to him. Joe is the type of man with whom or against whom you can pull anything like that off.”

In addition, Luis lauded Joe’s moral fiber in front of his wife, telling him, “Joe, at the core, truly, your brother, honestly, at the core… your brother really is… a decent human being.”

Teresa, who is 50 years old, mirrored the recollections of their first encounter that her husband shared with her, asking, “When you first met him, everything was fantastic, right?”

There have been some tumultuous times in Joe and Melissa Gorga’s relationship with Teresa that have occurred throughout the course of the years. Several years ago, Teresa and her ex-husband Joe Giudice were involved in some legal issues, which contributed to some of the tension. More recently, the drama has concentrated on Teresa’s treatment of the marriage.

After Teresa referred to her younger brother as a “bitch boy” and disparagingly likened him to a Housewife on the season 12 reunion of The Real Housewives of New Jersey in May, Joe and Teresa got into a heated argument that erupted into a physical altercation.

The confrontation between the two brothers reached such a high level of intensity that Joe stepped off stage and threatened to “leave” the Bravo brand. Backstage, however, as the siblings continued to travel back and forth between one other, the animosity between them only became worse. Even the presenter of the reunion and executive producer of the series, Andy Cohen, was forced to intervene in order to stop Teresa from constantly interrupting Joe.

Joe confronted his sister with the following statement: “I want to have a connection with you, I love you, but you’ve said some awful things tonight.” “I do not want to engage in further debate with you.”

Later on, Teresa said that she had made amends with her brother and that they had reconciled their differences, but this was only the beginning of what was to come between the two of them.

PEOPLE reported at the beginning of August that the Gorgas will not be attending the wedding of Teresa and Luis. According to two different sources, Melissa and Joe decided not to attend the ceremony two days before it was to take place since false reports about their marriage appeared while they were shooting. The Gorgas’ choice was eventually impacted in one way or another by Teresa’s and Luis’s behavior at the time.

According to one of their sources, “Teresa deceived them in a manner that is unforgivable.” They are not going to rejoice in Teresa’s new marriage as long as she continues to work for the dissolution of their own.

“It’s a shame about that. I find it really depressing, “Melissa revealed this information to PEOPLE at BravoCon. “I really wish that we could have gone, but alas, things are the way they are. That is lost forever, and I had no hand in making that decision.”

The Gorgas discussed their decision to not attend the wedding on the Melissa Gorga On Display podcast. They confirmed that “the full entire story” that led to tension within the family was not public knowledge at the time, but that “drips and drabs” of it had surfaced in the media. The Gorgas’ decision to not attend the wedding was announced on August 6, 2018.

“I’m not going to pretend like there wasn’t any excitement or drama by pretending like it wasn’t wild. Melissa acknowledged that there was some hostility shown by a few individuals, which “may have been a bit terrifying,” and she went on to say that there was “enough of cause” for it to be “weird.” “for the couple to take part in the wedding that would follow.

In response, Joe said that it was “very difficult” for him to turn down the invitation to Teresa’s wedding, particularly considering the fact that she is the only member of his immediate family who is still living.

“It seemed like a death sentence to me. In point of fact, it was. It was without a doubt one of the most challenging days of my life. It was terrible, “he remarked. “But listen up: let’s circle back around to the family get-together. Do you know that she done this? This was all her fault. This was the one thing that she desired the most. She didn’t want Melissa to be there, she didn’t want any of my children there, and she didn’t even want me that much.”

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