Both Lois Clarke and James Garner felt an instant attraction to one another and fell in love. And despite the fact that they were instant friends, their love lasted for over 58 years after they started dating.

Before he started his acting career that has spanned more than half a century, James Garner served in both the United States Merchant Marines and the United States Army National Reserve. They did not first meet until August of 1956. After another two weeks, they tied the knot.

After they first met one another, the couple ate dinner together every night for the next 14 nights, which was sufficient time for them to know that their love was one that would endure a lifetime—and it did.

They went through the typical ups and downs that come with every marriage, yet they managed to stay together for over 58 years until Garner’s death in 2014.

After being married in 1956, Garner and Clarke went through two rounds of the divorce process, although both times they said there were no problems in their marriage at the time. “Lois and I have never really butted heads over anything,” she said.

The demands of filming ‘Rockford’ were responsible for ninety percent of the problem; it wasn’t us; I needed some space to gather my thoughts.

During the year 1985, Garner was interviewed by PEOPLE.

Even though there were rumors going around that Garner was seeing other women while shooting The Rockford Files, the actor decided not to act on those rumors. I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with a plethora of beautiful females, and it’s important to me that I don’t have any ill will against any of them.

I also make a conscious effort not to fall in love with them. ‘He assured everyone of his love for Clarke by adding.

As well, he professed his affection for Clarke in a book titled “The Garner Files,” which he wrote. I met the person who would become my one and only real love on August 1, 1956, at a BBQ held in support of Adlai Stevenson for president.

There was the first time I ever met Lois Clarke. At first sight, it seemed as if there was love. the strike of lightning. She was just as stunning as she was kind. After we had finished eating, he composed, “I found myself in the water with the youngsters.”

In spite of the obstacles, the couple was able to make their relationship work. “None of the reviewers had even given a second thought to how Lois and I balanced one another,” she said. He voiced his opinion and said, “We identified strengths where others saw weaknesses.”

Throughout his life, Garner was plagued by a variety of health issues, which was unfortunate. “I’m in agony all the time,” the patient said. Arthritis makes it difficult for me to move my hands, knees, and back.

Throughout the course of the previous year, I suffered from pressure sores and have been diagnosed as an ulcer sufferer. When I’m in a bad mood, Very,’ he admitted to her. However, Clarke did not leave his side at any point throughout the conflict.

Simply put, she has been at my side during all of these years. The performer, who died away unexpectedly at the age of 86, leaving behind her loving wife, was quoted as saying, “I assume she’s obstinate too.”

When it comes to Clarke, she has never wavered in her support for her husband. Jim is a highly convoluted individual who is trying to conceal a great deal of anguish.

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