There have been a number of high-profile celebrity pairings in recent times, but we ask that you temporarily put your fixation on Pete Davidson and EmRata so that we can focus on Andrew Garfield and Phoebe Dynevor. The time has come for us to give them our full attention. Who, it would appear, has the potential to be a thing?

The newspaper The Sun claims that Andrew and Phoebe met at the GQ Man of the Year Awards in London last week and struck up an instant connection…like, to the point where they were seen getting “cozy” at the after-party, left the party together, and have been basically “inseparable” ever since then.

“There was an instant chemistry between Andrew and Phoebe, and there was an instant attraction between the two of them.” “a reliable source revealed to The Sun. “They are acquainted with one another through their various professional connections and share a great deal in common. However, this is most definitely not a one-time occurrence. They parted ways together, but have since gotten back together and are behaving very much like a married couple.

Unfortunately, these two were not photographed together on the red carpet; however, here they are (separately!) in the following order:

Bear in mind that additional credible sources have not commented on The Sun’s claim that Andrew and Phoebe are “dating,” despite the fact that the claim has been made (nor have Andrew or Phoebe themselves). Therefore, you should take everything with a grain of salt!

Reminding everyone that Phoebe was most recently associated with Pete “All Roads Lead Back to Me” Davidson, who she was with from February to August of 2021, is important while we are discussing this topic (Pete started dating Kim Kardashian right after their breakup). It would make sense, given that Pete is situated in the United States and Phoebe is based in the United Kingdom, that Pete and Phoebe’s relationship didn’t work out due to the considerable distance between them.

During this time, Andrew broke up with Alyssa Miller in the spring, which was not long after he and Alyssa made their first public appearance together on a red carpet. During that time period, a source had mentioned to The Sun that “They were together for quite some time before they went public. However, work schedules mean that it has been incredibly difficult to see each other.” On top of that, it was made abundantly evident that there were some differences between them, and it was determined that it would be best for them to remain separate, at least for the time being.

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