After Candace Cameron Bure’s inflammatory statements regarding the people whose stories she wants to convey on film, Maren Morris is speaking out and taking a stance.

A day after The Wall Street Journal published an interview in which Bure, 46, stated that she intends to “keep traditional marriage at the core” of her partnership with the Great American Family network, Morris, 32, reacted with an Instagram comment left under a post shared by social media personality Matt Bernstein. Bure had said that she intends to “keep traditional marriage at the core” of her partnership with the Great American Family network.

Morris said in an email on Tuesday, referring to Bure’s character from the television sitcom Full House and its spin-off series Fuller House, “Make DJ [Tanner] gay again.”

Bernstein took to Twitter to criticize Bure and her remarks, which many people felt were offensive to the LGBTQ community. Bernstein’s message can be seen here.

“You passed through many decades without ever being forced to see a character on film who identified as LGBTQ. Right now, we’re in one of every five movies “the first slide that was shown during his post was read. “I’m sorry if this causes you any discomfort. I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts.”

During her interview with the Wall Street Journal on Monday, Bure mentioned that the projects she is working on for the Christian faith-based Great American Family network (GAF), where she serves as chief creative officer, will be different from the increasingly inclusive content that was broadcast on her previous network, the Hallmark Channel.

After some time had passed, the actress sent a statement to PEOPLE on Wednesday in which she addressed the criticism that had been leveled at her.

“All of you who know me are well aware that I have a tremendous amount of love and affection for each and every one of you. It is beyond my comprehension that anybody could ever have the misguided belief that I would purposefully want to injure or insult another person “she started off.

The woman who was a mother to three said, “I am a devout follower of Christ. Which implies that I think that the image of God is imprinted on each and every human being. Because of this, I am obligated to love everyone, and I try very hard to do so… My soul yearns to mend fences and bring people one step closer to God, to love others well, and to simply be a mirror of God’s immense love for each and every one of us. I want to build bridges.”

Bure stated that she also expressed in the WSJ interview that “people of all ethnicities and identities have and will continue to contribute to the network in great ways both in front of and behind the camera.” She went on to say that this is something she will “encourage and fully support,” according to Bure’s statement. However, Bure said that this particular portion of the tale was “not included” in the final product.

Following the release of the first WSJ interview, dissatisfaction of the attitude rapidly popped up online, with members of and supporters of Hollywood’s LGBTQ community expressing out. Among those who spoke out was JoJo Siwa, who had a high-profile back-and-forth with Bure during the summer.

Siwa, who is 19 years old and has identified as queer since January 2021, wrote: “Honestly, I can’t believe after everything that went down just a few months ago, that she would not only create a movie with the intention of excluding LGBTQIA+, but then also talk about it in the press.” Siwa has been out as queer since January 2021. “This is not just impolite but also harmful to a whole group of individuals.”

Maddie Ziegler, another alumna of Dance Moms, welcomed Siwa’s message by writing “go off jojo!” in response to it. Jodie Sweetin, who starred with Candace Cameron Bure in an earlier iteration of Full House, also chimed in by writing “You know I adore you” with a red heart emoji.

Since then, a number of other celebrities have expressed their disapproval, one of whom being Holly Robinson Peete, who has also acted in a number of Hallmark movies. She said that it is “disappointing but not shocking” that Bure made such statements.

“Go ahead and create the stuff you want to create, but why do you feel the need to criticize others? It’s up to me to make the decision “said Pete, 58 years old. “The comment about conventional marriage cut deep for me as the proud mother of a person who identifies as LGBTQIA. Happy to be a part of the Hallmark channel, which recognizes the value of embracing all perspectives and making everyone feel welcome.”

During his visit on the PEOPLE Every Day podcast this week, Hallmark actor Jonathan Bennett discussed with PEOPLE the movement toward more inclusive storytelling that is occurring on his network, Hallmark. “What I love so much about Hallmark Channel is the care they take in the quality of telling the story, especially when it involves LGBTQ+ people, it’s handled with so much respect,” the Mean Girls actor, who is 41 years old, said. “What I love so much about Hallmark Channel is the care they take in the quality of telling the story.”

Bennett continued by saying, “It’s just been an unwavering amount of support from the network on telling the story and wanting to tell it and letting us do it how we want.” This statement was made in reference to Hallmark’s commitment to elevating all voices both in front of and behind the camera in their productions.

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