A woman from Utah loved her family of four children, but she always wished she could have one more. After a number of years, she still was unable to have another child. The woman who was already a mother to two children had nearly given up hope when she saw two lines on the pregnancy test that would forever change her life.

Shayden and Landon Scott brought joy to their parents, Jamie and Skylar Scott, who were often smiling and laughing around them. They had no idea that they would have to struggle in order to grow their family, but it happened very quickly.

Jamie and her husband attempted for five years without success to start a family but were unable to have children. The idea that the couple was unable to have another child was one that the mother eventually came to terms with.

Jamie’s heart longed for another child, but she continued to experience disappointment in that regard. She had become used to getting negative answers from pregnancy tests, and it had been a challenging path for the couple.

In contrast, Jamie decided to get another pregnancy test in 2017, which ended up having an irreversible impact on their life. The mother was dumbfounded and remembered the following:

“After all of these years of trying, it was a wonderful feeling to finally see the two pink lines.”

Since the couple had conceived, Jamie has been happy, but she had no clue what a difficult rollercoaster of ups and downs had in store for her in the future!

Both Jamie and Skylar went through two cycles of intrauterine insemination, and the fertility treatment achieved the expected results. Jamie and Skylar are now expecting a baby. Then, after Jamie had been pregnant for a few weeks, they noticed that her HCG hormone levels were much higher than normal. This led us to believe that having twins or triplets was a distinct possibility. The possibility excited the parents, but they had no clue what was ahead of them at the time.

The path leading to the birth of the kids was not an easy one. At the 21-week milestone, Jamie went into labor just as one of the babies was about to be ready to be born.

Jamie remembers that once the sonographer revealed that they were going to have five children, they kept counting off, “One… two… three… four… Then, after a little pause, she yelled out “Five!”

They seemed to be completely taken aback by the information, as seen by the gaping mouths of the pair. They were surprised to get far more than they had bargained for, but they understood that it was a gift from God. After all, the possibility of having quintuplets was just 0.003 percent. Jamie kept hoping that she would wake up and discover that she was not pregnant, but the reality was that she was, and her family was quickly growing.

After hearing the unbelievable news, the mother immediately felt a sense of anxiety. She inquired with the sonographer as to whether or not all five children were still alive. They were growing regularly and had healthy heartbeats, which was a blessing.

The mother exclaimed as she took one last look at the scan, “I was completely astonished, and I started crying when I saw all of those babies on the screen.”

When Jamie felt the movement of her children, it must have brought up memories of the miraculous event. Her sons experienced the same things as a result of her pregnancy, and the happy mother revealed the following:

The expressions on their cheeks brightened each time they felt one of their siblings move.

The path leading to the birth of the kids was not an easy one. At the 21-week milestone, Jamie went into labor just as one of the babies was about to be ready to be born. She was surrounded by six doctors, all of whom were striving to help her.

The worried lady questioned as to if there was any chance of saving the pregnancy. “No,” said one of the doctors. She went on to add that his comments cut her to the core, and she continued:

“He predicted that all of our children will be killed. “We were devastated.”

To the utter surprised of everyone there, a miracle took place at the medical facility. The contractions that Jamie was going through finally stopped, and the membrane started to heal itself. The mother’s state of mind deteriorated as she became aware that a major catastrophe may be averted.

Jamie was sent to the hospital because she was experiencing a number of medical complications relating to her pregnancy. In the end, she gave birth to all five of her children while she was only 29 weeks pregnant.

On March 21, 2018, the babies were delivered in a span of less than one minute and sixty seconds. Jamie was unable to contain her delight in looking at them and gushing about their attractiveness. Each of the quintuplets had 50 lovely fingers and toes when they were born.

The journey to earth for the newborns was challenging, but it was well worth it for Jamie and Skylar since they got five times the joy as a result. In a statement she shared on social media, the mother said, “I just feel so incredibly blessed that this is my new existence.”

The prayers of the faithful are heard and answered by God. Always keep in mind that he loves you and that things will get better in the future, even when it seems like the sky is falling in around you.

The couple held the love notes in high regard, and their story indicates that miraculous occurrences are not beyond the realm of possibility. We hope that the remainder of this family’s life are filled with nothing but joy and laughter!

By Elen

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