An elderly couple from Iowa celebrated their wedding anniversary in the most unforgettable manner that could possibly be imagined. The lady, who was 97 years old at the time of her wedding, did not have a dress to wear, but she did end up donning one for the reenactment of her wedding that took place 77 years later.

Nothing compares to the joy of witnessing the marriage of two people who are over over heels in love with one another. Because of this, the staff at St. Croix Hospice in Iowa felt very fortunate to be able to see Frankie King and her husband have an emotional reunion.

King wed Royce, who would later become her husband, on September 16, 1944. She did not possess a bridal gown at the time, therefore she did not have one to wear on her wedding day. On the other hand, she was able to walk down the aisle in a beautiful antique white gown for her wedding, which was officiated by hospice workers on September 24, 2021.

The reenacted wedding was filled with touching moments, and the whole staff at the hospice couldn’t stop gushing over the adorable couple. Henry Michaelson, an employee at St. Croix Hospice and a photographer, shared his comments on the event as follows:

“It was tough to hold back the tears behind the camera as I observed the passion with this beautiful couple and the love and care that their staff put into planning this event for them,” the photographer said. “It was impossible to keep from crying.”

The couple’s daughter, Sue Bilodeau, was also there, and she helped her mother get ready for the event. King’s husband, who was 98 years old at the time, was dressed in his Air Force uniform as he waited for his devoted wife at a makeshift chapel decorated with flowers.

After receiving an inquiry from the hospice staff about the elderly couple’s wedding photographs, the ceremony was reenacted. Sue Bilodeau, King’s daughter, provided an explanation as to why her parents were unable to have a spectacular wedding:

According to what the mother said, “we were married on a two-day notice when Dad was only on a short leave… before he went abroad in World War II.” “And unfortunately, due to time constraints, we were unable to plan a big wedding.”

At their home in Oelwein, patients King and Royce have been receiving care and support from the St. Croix Hospice team. The employees at the hospice made the decision a few weeks ago to renovate their garden and turn it into a venue suitable for weddings in the 1940s style.

The couple’s music therapist joined to the festivities by playing iconic tunes from the 1940s on the saxophone and guitar. Another employee at St. Croix Hospice, Kacie Derr, recounted the remarkable experience as follows:

I really wish that everyone could have seen the twinkle in her eyes. She remarked to me that she was really radiant.

While King and Royce held hands and kissed one another for the camera in front of the flower-covered archway, they gazed into one another’s eyes. Bilodeau continued by saying that when her father first saw her mother, he beamed the widest grin in the history of the planet and couldn’t stop smiling.

In front of a big audience, the Kings, who have two children, four grandkids, and a significant number of great-grandchildren, relived the most important day of their life when they were married. The joyful reunion was something that netizens really liked, and many were willing to share their honest opinions.

Someone said, “Breathtaking moments captured in so many different ways,” and they were right. A second user said, “This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.” I would want to express my gratitude to the hospice and to everyone else who had a part in making today such a lovely day. My eyes started to brim up with tears. Lovely!!”

Another individual applauded the kind care provided by the hospice workers and said, “What a gorgeous pair!” “We are grateful to the folks at Hospice for making their day one that they will never forget!”

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