Jennifer Aniston, who was once his wife and is now a close friend of his, is the reason Justin Theroux is in attendance today.

The actress from Friends posted a snapshot of her Allure cover on Instagram after her candid interview with the magazine, and Theroux left a comment of support for her by writing “.”

After Aniston, whom he was married to from 2015 until 2018, revealed some significant details about her life, he responded with a fist pump and a heart emoji. However, neither of these expressions is particularly detailed.

After being criticized for not having children for many years, Aniston recently revealed in an interview that she had attempted to start a family but was unable to do so successfully. “I was actively trying to conceive a child. The path that led to the birth of my children was a difficult one for me “— I quote her. “All of those years, decades, and centuries of a conjecture made it exceptionally challenging. I was undergoing IVF, ingesting Chinese teas, and doing just about anything else you can think of. I was giving it my best shot at every angle. If only someone had told me to put my eggs in the freezer, I would have done everything to hear those words. You’ll thank yourself afterward.’ You just don’t put much thought into it. And so, this is where I am today. The vessel has already set sail.”

She went on to say that it was incredibly challenging to have people judge her and call her “selfish” because she did not have children, especially because they did not realize what she was going through. She added that people had the impression that “I only cared about my career.” “And heaven forbid if a lady achieves prosperity but remains childless throughout her life. And the reason my husband left me, the reason we broke up, and the reason our marriage was dissolved was that I refused to give him a child. It consisted entirely of lies. At this time, I don’t have anything to conceal about myself.”

According to Aniston, the decade that she spent in her late 30s and early 40s was one of the most challenging periods of her life since she “went through some awful crap.” But in spite of everything, she says she has “zero regrets” and that she has never felt better in her 20s, 30s, or 40s than she does now that she is 53 years old.

Aniston also discussed her two marriages (and subsequent divorces), claiming that she has a strong relationship with Theroux and that, despite the fact that she has no desire to get married again, she is willing to experience love. “I really want to get involved with someone. Who could say? There are times when I have the overwhelming urge to simply curl up into a ball and cry out, “I need support.” It would be amazing to get home, collapse into somebody’s arms, and remark, “That was a challenging day.” “— I quote her.

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