Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have just boarded a flight to London, England, but they won’t be visiting Buckingham Palace while they’re there. In point of fact, the pair traveled to the city to pay a visit to their daughter, Lola, who is 21 years old and is presently participating in an exchange program in the city.

On Ripa’s Instagram Story, in which she filmed the event, she began by posting a picture of herself embracing her daughter with the message, “Missed my girl more than I can describe @theyoungestyung.”

The music student Lola is presently enjoying time in London, despite the fact that she will be entering her junior year at New York University in the fall. During an episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan that aired in June, Ripa made a remark about her daughter’s time spent abroad by saying, “It is Lola Consuelos’s 21st birthday. We are awaiting her return while she is now traveling throughout Europe. Yes, poor Lola.”

Ripa also tweeted a shot of Lola hugging her father, in addition to the one that shows the mother and daughter sharing a loving embrace. Ripa continued her tweet in which she expressed how much she missed her middle child by writing, “So did @instasuelos.”

After taking these first photographs, Ripa went on to share additional pictures to her Instagram Story of the 21-year-old acting as their tour guide and leading them about the city. In a number of the pictures, the mother and daughter could be seen walking hand in hand while carrying shopping bags while holding hands.

Ripa then tweeted a photo of herself and Consuelos seated together at a table, along with the caption “Mom and dad with jet lag.” It would appear that the three of them had dinner together after that. In addition to that, she affixed a sticker depicting London on the picture.

Not only did Lola show her parents around the city, but she also posed with her mother’s new biography, Live Wire, to express her support for her mother and indicate that she was proud of her.

In one of the photos, Lola can be seen beaming while she is shown clutching the book. Ripa showed her making a startled look while going through the pages in another snap, which the Live presenter humorously labeled with the word “Juicy.”

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